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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Oct-2021A massive simultaneous cloud computing platform for OpenFOAMBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Sharman, Darren; Siyahhan, Bercan; Lienhard, Viktor; Boldrini, Marlon, et al
Dec-2017Dynamic modeling of ionized oxygen distribution within powder coating pistolsBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Reinke, Nils; Boldrini, Marlon; Weilenmann, Stephan; Studerus, Patrick
May-2017Experimental characterization and simulation of a piezo-actuated micro dispensing valveBonhoeffer, Bastian; Boldrini, Marlon; Boiger, Gernot Kurt; Kwade, Arno; Juhnke, Michael
3-Oct-2019Keramischer Heizwiderstand, elektrisches Heizelement sowie Vorrichtung zur Erwärmung eines FluidesBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Boldrini, Marlon; Gorbar, Michal; de Hazan, Yoram; Hocker, Thomas, et al
11-Dec-2020Massive simultaneous cloud computing (MSCC) for multiphysics-simulation applicationsBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Everitt, Matthew; Sharman, Darren; Boldrini, Marlon
2017Model based analysis of forced and natural convection effects in an electrochemical cellBrunner, Daniel; Boldrini, Marlon; Boiger, Gernot Kurt
15-Jan-2020Multiphysics Eulerian-Lagrangian electrostatic particle spray- and deposition model for OpenFOAM® and KaleidoSim® cloud-platformBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Lienhard, Viktor; Boldrini, Marlon; Siyahhan, Bercan; Khawaja, Hassan, et al
Dec-2018Procedure for experimental data assessment for numerical solver validation in the context of model based prediction of powder coating patternsSiyahhan, Bercan; Boldrini, Marlon; Hauri, Samuel; Reinke, Nils; Boiger, Gernot Kurt
16-Jan-2020Simulation based investigation of an electrostatic method for deflecting charged particle cloudsLienhard, Viktor; Boldrini, Marlon; Boiger, Gernot Kurt
2020Simulation-based investigation of tar formation in after-treatment systems for biomass gasificationBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Buff, Vincent; Sharman, Darren; Boldrini, Marlon; Lienhard, Viktor, et al
Jun-2021Tutorial on OpenFOAM & kaleidosim : compile and run custom OpenFOAM solvers in the cloud using kaleidosimBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Sharman, Darren; Michel Rivero, Jhimy; Siyahhan, Bercan; Boldrini, Marlon, et al
Sep-2021Tutorial on OpenFOAM & kaleidosim : computational parameter study of 300 cases in 25 min with kaleidoscope featureBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Sharman, Darren; Michel Rivero, Jhimy; Siyahhan, Bercan; Lienhard, Viktor, et al
Aug-2021Tutorial on OpenFoam & kaleidosim : creating Python macro for paraview based post-processing in the cloudBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Sharman, Darren; Michel Rivero, Jhimy; Lienhard, Viktor; Boldrini, Marlon