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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019A diversity of asymmetric nano-/microcolloidal architectures grown by ATRP from Janus seedsKang, Chengjun; Honciuc, Andrei
2018Contrasting mechanisms of spontaneous adsorption at liquid–liquid interfaces of nanoparticles constituted of and grafted with pH-responsive polymersWu, Dalin; Honciuc, Andrei
2010Controlling the adsorption kinetics via nanostructuring : Pd nanoparticles on TiO2 nanotubesHonciuc, Andrei; Laurin, Mathias; Albu, Sergiu; Sobota, Marek; Schmuki, Patrik, et al
2005Current rectification in a Langmuir−Schaefer monolayer of fullerene-bis-[4-diphenylamino-4‘ ‘-(N-ethyl-N-2‘ ‘‘-ethyl)amino-1,4-diphenyl-1,3-butadiene] malonate between Au electrodesHonciuc, Andrei; Jaiswal, Archana; Gong, Aijun; Ashworth, Kimba; Spangler, Charles W., et al
2018Design of Janus nanoparticles with pH-triggered switchable amphiphilicity for interfacial applicationsWu, Dalin; Honciuc, Andrei
2010Directed nanoparticle motion on an interfacial free energy gradientWalder, Robert; Honciuc, Andrei; Schwartz, Daniel K.
2007Elastic and inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy of a new rectifying monolayerHonciuc, Andrei; Metzger, Robert M.; Gong, Aijun; Spangler, Charles W.
2003Electrical rectification in a monolayer of zwitterions assembled by either physisorption or chemisorptionJaiswal, Archana; Amaresh, Ramiya R.; Lakshmikantham, M. V.; Honciuc, Andrei; Cava, Michael P., et al
2019Evolution of self-organized microcapsules with variable conductivities from self-assembled nanoparticles at interfacesMihali, Voichita; Honciuc, Andrei
2018Growth of nano-/microcolloidal architectures from janus seeds by ATRPKang, Chengjun; Honciuc, Andrei
2009Hydrophobic interaction microscopy : mapping the solid/ liquid interface using amphiphilic probe moleculesHonciuc, Andrei; Baptiste, Denver Jn.; Schwartz, Daniel K.
2016Impact of the surface energy of particulate foulants on membrane foulingZamani, Farhad; Ullah, Asmat; Akhondi, Ebrahim; Tanudjaja, Henry J.; Cornelissen, Emile R., et al
2018Influence of geometries on the assembly of snowman-shaped Janus nanoparticlesKang, Chengjun; Honciuc, Andrei
Jun-2000Metastability of the K2NiF4 : type structures in Eu2-xSrxNiO4 solid solutionsCaruntu, Gabriel; Ganju, Dumitru; Honciuc, Andrei; Caruntu, Daniela; Berdan, Ioan
2017Modeling the interfacial energy of surfactant-free amphiphilic Janus nanoparticles from phase inversion in pickering emulsionsWu, Dalin; Binks, Bernard P.; Honciuc, Andrei
2016Particles at interfaces : general discussionStriolo, Alberto; Kim, Jongwook; Murphy, Catherine; Liz-Marzán, Luis; Lahann, Joerg, et al
2019pH-responsive pickering foams generated by surfactant-free soft hydrogel particlesWu, Dalin; Mihali, Voichita; Honciuc, Andrei
2010Phospholipid diffusion at the oil-water interfaceWalder, Robert B.; Honciuc, Andrei; Schwartz, Daniel K.
2016Polarity reversal in homologous series of surfactant-free Janus nanoparticles : toward the next generation of amphiphilesWu, Dalin; Chew, Jia Wei; Honciuc, Andrei
2006Polarization of charge-transfer bands and rectification in hexadecylquinolinium 7,7,8-tricyanoquinodimethanide and its tetrafluoro analogHonciuc, Andrei; Otsuka, Akihiro; Wang, Yu-Hsiang; McElwee, Samuel K.; Woski, Stephen A., et al