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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2017Associations between cooperation, reactive aggression and social impairments among boys with autism spectrum disorderKaartinen, Miia; Puura, Kaija; Pispa, Päivi; Helminen, Mika; Salmelin, Raili, et al
2014Chinese companies in SwitzerlandKessler, Esther; Prandini, Markus; Wu, Juan
2013Do market participants perceive blockholders' power and preferences? : locus of control, preference heterogeneity, and firm valuation in the Swiss contextSikavica, Katarina; Kessler, Esther
2011Genetic basis of cooperation : using an economic approachKessler, Esther
2019Renminbi-Hub Schweiz: enttäuschte Hoffnungen?Braun, Markus; Kessler, Esther; Affolter, Beat
1-Jan-2019Renminbi-Hub Switzerland : dashed hopes?Braun, Markus; Kessler, Esther; Affolter, Beat
2013Sinkt Managerlohn mit stärkeren Aktionären?Sikavica, Katarina; Kessler, Esther
2012Specific neural correlates of successful learning and adaptation during social exchangesSmith-Collins, Adam P. R.; Fiorentini, Chiara; Kessler, Esther; Boyd, Harriet; Roberts, Fiona, et al
2022The west knows better? : a case study of the dynamic evolution of knowledge transfer between a Swiss subsidiary and its Chinese parent companyZiegler, Suzanne; Kaiser, Esther; Wu, Juan
1-Jul-2017Die Volkswirtschaft : Grundlagenbuch inkl. E-BookKessler, Esther; Fuchs, Jakob; Caduff, Claudio; Zeller, Thomas; Capaul, Roman
1-Jul-2017Die Volkswirtschaft : Lehrerhandbuch : LösungenKessler, Esther; Fuchs, Jakob; Caduff, Claudio; Capaul, Roman
1-Jul-2017Die Volkswirtschaft : ÜbungsbuchKessler, Esther
2012Die Volkswirtschaft : volkswirtschaftliches Grundwissen mit wirtschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen VernetzungenKessler, Esther; Capaul, Roman; Caduff, Claudio