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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
11-Sep-2018Enhancing the transformative effects of intercultural training in health and welfare educationSchärli-Lim, Susan; Teunissen, René
12-Apr-2021Futures of education : learning to become : how should what we learn, how we learn, and where we learn change in the future?Arvanitis, Eugenia; Bauer, Michelle; Covarrugias Vengas, Barbara; Crameri, Amanda; D’Amato, Gianni, et al
13-Sep-2017Health and Welfare Education presents : how do we prepare our students for diversity in the health and welfare sector?Schärli-Lim, Susan
2021How to make the best out of a study year abroadSchärli-Lim, Susan
Aug-2020I DIVE reflection tool : overview & instructionsSchärli-Lim, Susan
11-Jan-2017Intercultural brush-up : new inputs in intercultural communication and how to apply itSchärli-Lim, Susan
20-Jun-2016Intercultural Development Inventory-guided intercultural training and an example at the ZHAWSchärli-Lim, Susan
1-Mar-2020Intercultural interactions for health professions : a critical incident approachvan den Bergh, Samuel; Schärli-Lim, Susan; Wong, Shih Shih
Aug-2018Nursing now und Cha Cha ChaBinkert, Fabienne; Grosse, Christine Uta; Schärli-Lim, Susan; Helfenstein, Isabel
10-May-2016On the Road with migrantsSchärli-Lim, Susan
2021Profile of intercultural nurse educator EU & Movetia funded TraINErs projectde Lorenzo, Elena; Schärli-Lim, Susan; Gradellini, Cinzia; Bourkia, Petra
17-Nov-2020The impact of The Florence Network in advancing nursing and midwifery in EuropeMantzoukas, Stefanos; Schärli-Lim, Susan; Kelly, Hélène; Falk, Katarina; Frey, Sibylle, et al
30-Sep-2020The profile of an intercultural competence educator for healthcare and other professionsde Lorenzo, E.; Bønløkke, M.; Bourkia, P.; Gradellini, C.; Händler-Schuster, D., et al
14-May-2022Tools to aid analysis & reflection, and a profile to guide intercultural mentorsSchärli-Lim, Susan
20-May-2022TraINErs : training intercultural nursing educators and studentsSchärli-Lim, Susan
2021Validation of a profile of an intercultural competence nursing educator : an international Delphi studyDe Lorenzo, Elena; Gradellini, Cinzia; Bønløkke, Mette; Schärli-Lim, Susan; Bourkia, Petra, et al
14-Apr-2016What our students are learning, what they are not and what we can do about itSchärli-Lim, Susan
18-Jan-2017Workshop assessing intercultural competence : the intercultural development inventorySchärli-Lim, Susan
20-Jan-2016Workshop predeparture - ongoing - reentry training for students and staffSchärli-Lim, Susan