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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2008A new method for travel time estimation on long freeway sectionsSteiner, Albert; Sick, Beate
2006Automatic quality assessment of Affymetrix GeneChip dataHeber, Steffen; Sick, Beate
14-Jun-2019Beyond ImageNet : deep learning in industrial practiceStadelmann, Thilo; Tolkachev, Vasily; Sick, Beate; Stampfli, Jan; Dürr, Oliver
2013Datenanalyse : Anregungen zur Umsetzung der "Datenanalyse" im eidg. Rahmenlehrplan 2012 für die BerufsmaturitätSick, Beate; Dürr, Oliver
2008Dysregulation of gene expression in primary neuron models of Huntington's disease shows that polyglutamine-related effects on the striatal transcriptome may not be dependent on brain circuitryRunne, Heike; Régulier, Etienne; Kuhn, Alexandre; Zala, Diana; Gokce, Ozgun, et al
2011From walking to jumping : statistical modeling of writing processesPerrin, Daniel; Wildi, Marc; Sick, Beate; Fürer, Mathias; Gantenbein, Thomas
2012Klarinettenklang : Versuch einer physiologischen AnalyseMätzener, Heinrich; Gutzwiller, Johanna; Sick, Beate; Maier, Hans-Christof; Tomatis, Laura
13-Sep-2012Modeling writing phases : interdisciplinary method building – an interim reportFürer, Mathias; Gantenbein, Thomas; Perrin, Daniel; Sick, Beate; Wildi, Marc
2004Multiparameter microscopy and spectroscopy for single-molecule analyticsPrummer, Michael; Sick, Beate; Renn, Alois; Wild, Urs P.
2008New methods for travel time estimation on freeway sectionsSteiner, Albert; Sick, Beate
2000Orientational imaging of single molecules by annular illuminationSick, Beate; Hecht, B.; Novotny, L.
2009Practical quality assessment of microarray data by simulation of differential gene expressionHoward, Brian; Sick, Beate; Heber, Steffen
2001Probing confined fields with single molecules and vice versaSick, Beate; Hecht, B.; Wild, U.P.; Novotny, L.
27-Oct-2006Quality assessment of affymetrix GeneChip dataHeber, Steffen; Sick, Beate
2007Quality assessment of Affymetrix GeneChip data using the EM algorithm and a naïve Bayes classifierHoward, Brian E.; Sick, Beate; Perera, Imara; Im, Yang Ju; Winter-Sederoff, Heike, et al
2005RACE : remote analysis computation for gene expression dataPsarros, Michael; Heber, Steffen; Sick, Manuela; Thoppae, Gnanasekaran; Harshman, Keith, et al
2000Scanning near-field optical microscopy with aperture probes : fundamentals and applicationsHecht, Bert; Sick, Beate; Wild, Urs P.; Deckert, Volker; Zenobi, Renato, et al
2016Single-cell phenotype classification using deep convolutional neural networksDürr, Oliver; Sick, Beate
2000Single-molecule identification by spectrally and time-resolved fluorescence detectionPrummer, Michael; Hübner, Christian G.; Sick, Beate; Hecht, Bert; Renn, Alois, et al
2003The citrate carrier CitS probed by single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopyKastner, C.; Prummer, M.; Sick, Beate; Renn, A.; Wild, U.P., et al