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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Aerodynamic optimization of a microturbine inserted in a magic-angle spinning systemHerzog, Nicoleta; Wilhelm, Dirk; Koch, Stefan; Purea, Armin; Osen, David, et al
2002Application of a spectral element method to two-dimensional forward-facing step flowWilhelm, Dirk; Kleiser, L.
25-Jul-2003Computational analysis of the two-dimensional–three-dimensional transition in forward-facing step flowWilhelm, Dirk; Härtel, Carlos; Kleiser, Leonhard
25-Dec-2003Density-driven instabilities of miscible fluids in a capillary tube : linear stability analysisVanaparthy, Surya Harith; Meiburg, E.; Wilhelm, Dirk
2004Density-driven instabilities of variable-viscosity miscible fluids in a capillary tubeMeiburg, Eckart; Vanaparthy, Surya H.; Payr, Matthias D.; Wilhelm, Dirk
2015Fluid flow dynamics in a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance systemWilhelm, Dirk
2015Fluid flow dynamics in MAS systemsWilhelm, Dirk; Purea, Armin; Engelke, Frank
2016High-resolution two-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyCousin, Samuel; Charlier, Cyril; Kadeřávek, Pavel; Marquardsen, Thorsten; Tyburn, Jean-Max, et al
2000Numerical investigation of three-dimensional separation in a forward-facing step flow using a spectral element methodDeville, Michel; Kleiser, Leonhard; Wilhelm, Dirk
Mar-1998On the relation between fronts and high-shear layers in wall turbulenceWilhelm, Dirk; Härtel, Carlos; Eckelmann, Helmut
2015Rotating flow simulations with OpenFOAMWilhelm, Dirk
Nov-2001Stability analysis for different formulations of the nonlinear term in PN−PN−2 spectral element discretizations of the navier–stokes equationsKleiser, Leonhard; Wilhelm, Dirk
2019Stability analysis of gas bearing in Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) systemsDep, Rajdeep; Meier, Beat; Jenny, Patrick; Wilhelm, Dirk
May-2000Stable and unstable formulations of the convection operator in spectral element simulationsWilhelm, Dirk; Kleiser, Leonhard
Jan-2003The southern westerlies in central chile : holocene precipitation estimates based on a water balance model for Laguna Aculeo (33°50′S)Jenny, Bettina; Wilhelm, Dirk; Valero-Garcés, Blas Lorenzo
Mar-2004Three-dimensional spectral element simulations of variable density and viscosity, miscible displacements in a capillary tubeWilhelm, Dirk; Meiburg, Eckart
Aug-2022Ultra low temperature microturbine for magic angle spinning systemHerzog, Nicoleta; Weber, Alexander Séverin; Purea, Armin; Osen, David; Knott, Benno, et al