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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1996Hamiltonian chaos IVRegez, Nicolas; Breymann, Wolfgang; Weigert, Stefan; Kaufman, Charles; Müller, Gerhard
1999Hierarchical structures in financial markets : a "turbulent approach" to stochastic volatilityBreymann, Wolfgang; Ghashghaie, Shoaleh
2006Intraday empirical analysis and modeling of diversified world stock indicesBreymann, Wolfgang; Kelly, Leah; Platen, Eckhard
14-Jul-2019Large-scale data-driven financial risk assessmentBreymann, Wolfgang; Bundi, Nils; Heitz, Jonas; Micheler, Johannes; Stockinger, Kurt
2018Large-scale data-driven financial risk modeling using big data technologyStockinger, Kurt; Heitz, Jonas; Bundi, Nils Andri; Breymann, Wolfgang
2013Life cycle management of technical systems and integral financial modelingBreymann, Wolfgang; Dingerkus, Stefan; Heitz, Christoph
2016Modelling and identification of financial products : the ACTUS (algorithmic contract types unified standard) approachBreymann, Wolfgang
Aug-2019Modelling the economy as a network of contracts : an ACTUS-based demonstrator applied to liquidityBreymann, Wolfgang; Kucharczyk, Daniel Adam; Gross, Francis
2005Multifractality in financial marketsBreymann, Wolfgang
1998Nobelpreis 1997 für Ökonomie : Transporttheorie für FinanzmärkteBreymann, Wolfgang; Voit, Johannes
1996Orientation-translation and orientation-orientation correlations in neopentane plastic crystals : computer simulationDepondt, Philippe; Breymann, Wolfgang
2005Quantifying riskBreymann, Wolfgang
1998Quantum chaotic scattering and resistance fluctuations in mesoscopic junctionsSchirmacher, Walter; Eichengrün, Markus; Breymann, Wolfgang
2000Quantum chaotic scattering with a mixed phase space : the three-disk billiard in a magnetic fieldEichengrün, Markus; Schirmacher, Walter; Breymann, Wolfgang
1996Quantum manifestations of chaotic scattering in the presence of KAM toriEichengrün, Markus; Schirmacher, Walter; Breymann, Wolfgang
1996Quasi-degeneracies in a 2-spin system : symmetry aspects and a perturbational approach to tunnel splittingSchatzer, Laro; Breymann, Wolfgang; Thomas, Harry
2019Scalable architecture for big data financial analytics : user-defined functions vs. SQLStockinger, Kurt; Bundi, Nils Andri; Heitz, Jonas; Breymann, Wolfgang
2016Standard algorithmic representation of financial contracts : concepts, applications, and new developments of ACTUSBreymann, Wolfgang
2011Strategische Beratung von PrivatinvestorenBreymann, Wolfgang
2015The ACTUS projectBreymann, Wolfgang