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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
24-Nov-2020Are carsharing users more likely to buy a battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric or hybrid electric vehicle? : powertrain choice and shared mobility in SwitzerlandHoerler, Raphael; Tomic, Uros; Dijk, Jeremy Van; Patt, Anthony; Del Duce, Andrea
Mar-2022Assessment of environmental impacts of online and physical retail channels in medicine tradesRühlin, Viola; Del Duce, Andrea; Scherrer, Maike
2021Carsharing experience fostering sustainable car purchasing? : investigating car size and powertrain choiceHoerler, Raphael; van Dijk, Jeremy; Patt, Anthony; Del Duce, Andrea
2019Comparing the environmental impacts of meatless and meat-containing meals in the United StatesErnstoff, Alexi; Tu, Qingshi; Faist, Mireille; Del Duce, Andrea; Mandlebaum, Sarah, et al
22-Oct-2021Feedback loops in mobility and recommendations on system transformation – the Swiss caseHoerler, Raphael; Tomic, Uros; Del Duce, Andrea
2019Mode choice for commuting and leisure : a matter of lifestyle?Tomic, Uros; Hoerler, Raphael; Del Duce, Andrea
15-Jun-2021Swiss mobility transformation to sustainability : recommendations on niche developmentsHoerler, Raphael; Tomic, Uros; Del Duce, Andrea
24-Nov-2020The fear of urban sprawl through autonomous vehicles in commuting : a segmentation analysis of the Swiss populationHoerler, Raphael; Trachsel, Thomas; Del Duce, Andrea
2019Transforming the Swiss mobility system : who are the future e-sharers?Hoerler, Raphael; Tomic, Uros; Del Duce, Andrea
2021Virtuell in die Mobilität von morgen abtauchen : Akzeptanz urbaner MobilitätslösungenWest, Mirjam; Näf, Rebecca; Del Duce, Andrea; Hoerler, Raphael; Yildirim, Onur
2020What are the factors and needs promoting mobility-as-a-service? Findings from the Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS)Hoerler, Raphael; Stünzi, Anna; Patt, Anthony; Del Duce, Andrea