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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2013Interoperability and APIs in OpenStackEdmonds, Andrew; Harsh, Piyush; Metsch, Thijs; Kennedy, John
2015MCN : beyond NFVEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Toffetti Carughi, Giovanni
2015Mobile cloud networking : from cloud, through NFV and beyondEdmonds, Andrew; Dudouet, Florian
2013Notes on the future internetBohnert, Thomas Michael; Edmonds, Andrew; Marti, Christof
2013OCCI & CAMP? : introduction to OCCIEdmonds, Andrew; Metsch, Thijs
2013OCCI & interoperabilityEdmonds, Andrew
2012OCCI honestyEdmonds, Andrew; Feldhaus, Florian
2011Open cloud computing interfaceEdmonds, Andrew
2011Open cloud computing interface : coreEdmonds, Andrew; Nyrén, Ralf; Papaspyrou, Alexander; Metsch, Thijs
2011Open cloud computing interface : infrastructureEdmonds, Andrew; Metsch, Thijs
Oct-2010Open cloud computing interface : open community leading cloud standardsEdmonds, Andrew; Metsch, Thijs; Papaspyrou, Alexander; Richardson, Alexis
2011Open cloud computing interface : RESTful HTTP renderingEdmonds, Andrew; Metsch, Thijs
2011Open cloud computing interface in data management-related setupsEdmonds, Andrew; Metsch, Thijs; Papaspyrou, Alexander
2013Open standards in the cloudEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Marti, Christof
2015Reliable cloud-applications : an implementation through service orchestrationEdmonds, Andrew; Dudouet, Florian; Erne, Michael
2014SLA management and service composition of virtualized applications in mobile networking environmentsEdmonds, Andrew
2010SLA-aware resource managementSun, Yih Leong; Perrot, Ron; Harmer, Terence J; Cunningham, Christina; Wright, Peter, et al
2011SLA-enabled enterprise ITNolan, Michael; Hadalin, Primoz; Murn, Damjan; Stopar, Miha; Kennedy, John, et al
2011SLA-enabled infrastructure managementLu, Kuan; Murn, Damjan; Cheevers, Pat; Stopar, Miha; Bayon, Victor, et al
2012The ICCLab and FI-PPP opportunities in phase two and FI-WAREEdmonds, Andrew; Bohnert, Thomas Michael; Marti, Christof