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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2008Semantic business integration : nicht jedes Unternehmen eignet sich dafürKeller, Thomas
2008Semantic business integration and its entrepreneurial impactKeller, Thomas; Marko, Thomas
Jul-2013SME Selection Criteria for External IS/IT Consultants, including Swiss Universities of Applied SciencesMastronardi, Luca; Hodapp, Theresa; Keller, Thomas
2014SME selection criteria for external IS/IT consultants, including Swiss Universities of Applied SciencesHodapp, Theresa; Mastronardi, Luca; Keller, Thomas
2013Sterben und Erben in der digitalen WeltBrucker-Kley, Elke; Keller, Thomas; Pärli, Kurt; Schweizer, Matthias; Kurtz, Lukas
2012The benefits of cooperation between industry and universitiesKeller, Thomas
2015The folly guard : a personal and social communication protection systemKeller, Thomas; Savarimuthu, Bastin Tony Roy
2020The use of virtual reality at lower secondary schoolsKeller, Thomas; Brucker-Kley, Elke; Ebert, Nico
2011Towards a classification of Information Technology governance frameworks for the development of a IT GRC healthcare frameworkKrey, Mike; Keller, Thomas; Harriehausen, Bettina; Knoll, Matthias
2018Towards a multi-modal ITKeller, Thomas; Baumgartner, Thierry; Brucker-Kley, Elke
2014Transportmittelerkennung : Motivation, Ideen, Umsetzung und ValidierungKeller, Thomas; Bloch, Andreas; Erdin, Robert; Fueglistaler, Silas; de Spindler, Alexandre
2022Trust and cybersickness in VR-marketing : investigating IPD and cybersickness, and their effects on trust, customer value, NPS, cross- and up-sellingSeiler, Roger; Brodmann, Thierry; Keller, Thomas
2007UDDI als zentrale Komponente zur Publikation von ProzessenKeller, Thomas
2020Virtual reality and its impact on learning successKeller, Thomas; Brucker-Kley, Elke; Wyder, Christian
2018Virtual reality at secondary school : first resultsKeller, Thomas; Glauser, Philipp; Ebert, Nico; Brucker-Kley, Elke
2021Die Wächter über Wahrheit und Fake : Mensch oder Maschine / Politiker oder UnternehmerKeller, Thomas; Müller, Dominic Daniel
2021WebVR vs. pictures of products in e-commerce : effects on trust, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and intention to useSeiler, Roger; Keller, Thomas
Jan-2007Der Weg zu einer Security Policy (2/2)Keller, Thomas
2015Wirkungsanalyse von Bauvorhaben auf GemeindefinanzenScheppler, Björn; Pedron, Claudia; Keller, Thomas
2018Yet another blockchain use case - the label chainKeller, Thomas