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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2009A reference framework to sustainability implement operational excellence in the pharmaceutical industryGronauer, Thomas; Scherrer, Maike; Friedli, Thomas
2014Digging deeper into supply risk : a systematic literature review on price risksFischl, Maria; Scherrer-Rathje, Maike; Friedli, Thomas
2011Establishing a lead factory : when can an intra-firm network benefit the most?Scherrer, Maike; Deflorin, Patricia; Friedli, Thomas
1-Jul-2020Gesundheitsbezogene Register : Perspektive für Praxis und Forschung der Klinischen SozialarbeitFriedli, Thomas; Gantschnig, Brigitte
2015Linking network targets and site capabilities : a conceptual framework to determine site contributions to strategic manufacturing network targetsThomas, Simone; Scherrer, Maike; Fischl, Maria; Friedli, Thomas
2018Möglichkeiten der interprofessionellen Erfassung der Arbeitsfähigkeit bei Menschen mit chronischen ErkrankungenFriedli, Thomas; Villiger, Peter Matthias; Gantschnig, Brigitte Elisabeth
2013Plant role portfolios in global manufacturing networks : a conceptual frameworkScherrer, Maike; Simone, Thomas; Friedli, Thomas
2007Produktionsstandort Westeuropa : die Erfolgsfaktoren erfolgreicher IndustrieunternehmenDeflorin, Patricia; Friedli, Thomas; Scherrer-Rathje, Maike
7-Feb-2020Registre relatif à la santé: une perspective pour la pratique et la recherche en ergothérapie?Gantschnig, Brigitte E.; Friedli, Thomas
2011The impact of sustainability drivers on a firm's strategic decisions regarding manufacturing technologies, new product development and supply chain initiativesSchrettle, Stefan; Hinz, Andreas; Scherrer, Maike; Friedli, Thomas
2022The role of contextual factors on participation in the life area of work and employment after rehabilitation : a qualitative study on the views of persons with chronic painFriedli, Thomas; Gantschnig, Brigitte E.
2014Turning sustainability into action : explaining firms' sustainability efforts and their impact on firm performanceSchrettle, Stefan; Hinz, Andreas; Scherrer-Rathje, Maike; Friedli, Thomas
2019Unsupervised learning and simulation for complexity management in business operationsHollenstein, Lukas; Lichtensteiger, Lukas; Stadelmann, Thilo; Amirian, Mohammadreza; Budde, Lukas, et al
2018Workability for persons with chronic diseases : a systematic review of validity and utility of assessments in German languageFriedli, Thomas; Villiger, Peter M.; Gantschnig, Brigitte E.
2009Die Zukunft der produzierenden Industrie an HochlohnstandortenFriedli, Thomas; Scherrer-Rathje, Maike