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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jul-20192019 PrefaceFellermann, Harold; Bacardit, Jaume; Goñi-Moreno, Ángel; Füchslin, Rudolf M.
2015A classification framework for predicting components' remaining useful life based on discrete-event diagnostic dataFink, Olga; Zio, Enrico; Weidmann, Ulrich
2020A comparative assessment and synthesis of twenty ethics codes on AI and big dataLoi, Michele; Heitz, Christoph; Christen, Markus
Jun-2021A comparison of security implementations of embedded networked devicesMeisterhans, Judith; Doran, Hans Dermot; Zimmerli, Lea; Rüst, Andreas
2020A compiler framework to derive microfluidic platforms for manufacturing hierarchical, compartmentalized structures that maximize yield of chemical reactionsWeyland, Mathias S.; Flumini, Dandolo; Schneider, Johannes J.; Füchslin, Rudolf M.
2018A framework for text analytics with visual exploration and machine learningSiddiqui, Nadina; Metzler, Linus; Tuggener, Don; Cieliebak, Mark
2018A hybrid approach for alarm verification using stream processing, machine learning and text analyticsSima, Ana-Claudia; Stockinger, Kurt; Affolter, Katrin; Braschler, Martin; Monte, Peter, et al
2-Sep-2020A hybrid deep learning approach for forecasting air temperatureGygax, Gregory; Schüle, Martin
Jul-2020A methodology for creating question answering corpora using inverse data annotationDeriu, Jan Milan; Mlynchyk, Katsiaryna; Schläpfer, Philippe; Rodrigo, Alvaro; von Grünigen, Dirk, et al
2020A mixed-perception approach for safe human–robot collaboration in industrial automationMohammadi Amin, Fatemeh; Rezayati, Maryam; van de Venn, Hans Wernher; Karimpour, Hossein
2013A semi-supervised learning system for micro-text classificationOtt, Thomas; Christen, Markus; Niederberger, Thomas; Aebersold, Reto; Suleiman, Aryobsei, et al
1993A small taxonomy of types and related instances as a kernel of a belief system : Vorlesung gehalten an der Computational Linguistics Unit, University of Wales, Cardiff, 2013Gysel, Ulrich Emanuel
9-Jun-2021A survey of un-, weakly-, and semi-supervised learning methods for noisy, missing and partial labels in industrial vision applicationsSimmler, Niclas; Sager, Pascal; Andermatt, Philipp; Chavarriaga, Ricardo; Schilling, Frank-Peter, et al
2008A symphony of RFIDKüng, Roland
7-Jul-2021A systematic approach to group fairness in automated decision makingHertweck, Corinna; Heitz, Christoph
2009A touch and pair system for battery-free 802.15.4/ZigBee home automation networksCondrau, D.; Zimmerman, L.; Gysel, M.; Wuerms, M.; Meli, Marcel
2017A Twitter corpus and benchmark resources for german sentiment analysisCieliebak, Mark; Deriu, Jan Milan; Egger, Dominic; Uzdilli, Fatih
10-Mar-2022Abstract reservoir computingSenn, Christoph Walter; Kumazawa, Itsuo
Feb-2021Adapting data-driven research to the fields of social sciences and the humanitiesWeichselbraun, Albert; Kuntschik, Philipp; Francolino, Vincenzo; Saner, Mirco; Dahinden, Urs, et al
15-Oct-2019Advanced applied deep learning : convolutional neural networks and object detectionMichelucci, Umberto