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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Die 20 hartnäckigsten Missverständnisse und Irrtümer zu BüroarbeitsweltenWindlinger Inversini, Lukas; Konkol, Jennifer; Janser, Marcel; Schanné, Fabienne; Lange, Stefanie, et al
2013200 konkrete Beispiele : neues Buch zum Thema ReinigungsmanagementPericin Häfliger, Irina
201530 Prozent Food WasteHonegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela
2020A closer look at constraints, stakeholders and boundary definitions in energy (master) planning between neighbourhood and districtHaase, Matthias; Baer, Daniela
2010A conceptualisation for the future health careHofer, Susanne; Dettwiler, Paul
2015A method to benchmark cleaning services in Swiss hospitalsHonegger, Franziska; Hofer, Susanne; Züger, Gabriela; Betschart, Madeleine
2013A method to benchmark Swiss hospital cateringHofer, Susanne; Honegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela
2017A multi-perspective view on AAL stakeholders' needs : a user-centred requirement analysis for the ActiveAdvice European projectTeles, Soraia; Bertel, Diotima; Kofler, Andrea Ch.; Ruscher, Stefan H.; Paúl, Constança
May-2016A new success formula for facility cleaning contractors : engagement + know-how + investment = win3Pericin Häfliger, Irina
Dec-2018A proposed conceptual basis for mode 2 business and management research and development projects based on design science research principlesGerber, Nicole; Tucker, Matthew; Hofer, Susanne
2014A service-oriented perspective of facility managementCoenen, Christian; von Felten, Daniel
2019AAL Bridge - Hospital@Home : Services und Prozesse neu denkenGerber, Nicole; Kofler, Andrea
2018AAL Bridge : FM und Pflege intelligent integrierenKofler, Andrea; Gerber, Nicole
26-Nov-2021Die ABILI-Methodik : Navigation bei der digitalen TransformationGatziu Grivas, Stella; Schmitter, Paul; Kirecci, Ilyas
2021Action regulation theoryWindlinger Inversini, Lukas
2016ActiveAdvice : "intelligente" Beratung im AlterKofler, Andrea
2018ActiveAdvice : a multi-stakeholder perspective to understand functional requirements of an online advice platform for AAL products and servicesTeles, Soraia; Kofler, Andrea Ch.; Schmitter, Paul; Ruscher, Stefan; Paul, Constanca, et al
2011Adaptation of certification systems for sustainable buildings : opportunities and challenges due to geographic and cultural diversityDruhmann, Carsten K.; Bernegger, Heinz
Dec-2020Administrative Arbeitsplätze für das medizinische PersonalLange, Stefanie; Windlinger Inversini, Lukas
2020Advisory on ambient assisted living solutions : towards an advisor concept and training curriculumde Sousa, Rita Tavares; Teles, Soraia; Bertel, Diotima; Schmitter, Paul; Abrantes, Diogo