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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2004Do institutions promote rationality? : an experimental study of the three-door anomalySlembeck, Tilman; Tyran, Jean-Robert
2015Dynamic pricing in subsidized performing artsLabaronne, Leticia; Slembeck, Tilman
2013Dynamic pricing in the subsidized performing artsSlembeck, Tilman; Labaronne, Leticia
2016Dynamische Preise : Zweck und NutzenGünster, Andrea
2015Economic integration of selected non-EU countries in the EU single marketJans, Armin; Plaschnick, Björn
2021Effektivität Schweizer Wettbewerbspolitik : Bewertung des Aktienmarktes (1996– 2018)Günster, Andrea
1983Einführung in die volkswirtschaftliche und wirtschaftspolitische ModellbildungKleinewefers, Henner; Jans, Armin
2009Einspruch 3 : «Selbstrationierung» statt politische KontrolleSlembeck, Tilman
2018Empirical evaluation of the impact of the Swiss climate policy mix on energy consumption and emissions in the service and industry sectorLeu, Thomas
2005Endogenous growth and recycling : a material balance approachPittel, Karen; Amigues, Jean-Pierre; Kuhn, Thomas
2015Endowment structure, industry dynamics and vertical production structure in China-theory and evidenceRueda Maurer, Maria Clara
2014Energy and environmental marketsLeu, Thomas
2017Enforcement of European competition policy : impact on competition and efficiencyGünster, Andrea
2015Enforcement of european competition policy : impact on competition and efficiencyGünster, Andrea
2013Enforcement of european competition policy : impact on competition and efficiencyGünster, Andrea Maria; Klein, Gordon
2014Enforcement of European competition policy : the impact on competition and efficiencyGünster, Andrea
7-Jun-2016Environmental tax evaluation : what can be learnt so far?Leu, Thomas; Betz, Regina
2017Equilibria in symmetric games : theory and applicationsHefti, Andreas
2009EU-Binnenmarktkompass für Schweizer KMUJans, Armin; Graf, Silvio; Blöchliger, Jonas
2012Der Euro und die Eurokrise aus Sicht der SchweizJans, Armin