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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Effect of input image representation for results of neural network to detect cerebral aneurysmsWatanabe, Kazuhiro; Anzai, Hitomi; Juchler, Norman; Hirsch, Sven; Bijlenga, Philippe, et al
2021Effects of low and high aneurysmal wall shear stress on endothelial cell behavior : differences and similaritiesMorel, Sandrine; Schilling, Sabine; Diagbouga, Mannekomba R.; Delucchi, Matteo; Bochaton-Piallat, Marie-Luce, et al
2013Einflussfaktoren auf das Patientenaufkommen in NotfallstationenKöhler, Sven; Ott, Thomas
2015Emerging practices in foresight and their use in STI policyDaheim, Cornelia; Hirsch, Sven
2017Emotion recognition from speech using representation learning in extreme learning machinesGlüge, Stefan; Böck, Ronald; Ott, Thomas
2019Enabling semantic queries across federated bioinformatics databasesSima, Ana-Claudia; Mendes de Farias, Tarcisio; Zbinden, Erich; Anisimova, Maria; Gil, Manuel, et al
2017Endothelial cell elongation under shear stress : a computational model to consolidate observed cell shape changesSchilling, Sabine; Morel, Sandrine; Bochaton-Piallat, Marie-Luce; Kwak, Brenda; Hirsch, Sven
Aug-2021Energie- und klimabewusste Ernährung in städtischen VerpflegungsbetriebenBerger, Verena; Müller, Claudia; Egeler, Gian-Andrea; Muir, Karen; Bradford, Sebastian, et al
2016EpiTools : an open-source image analysis toolkit for quantifying epithelial growth dynamicsHeller, Davide; Hoppe, Andreas; Restrepo, Simon; Gatti, Lorenzo; Tournier, Alexander L., et al
May-2015Estimating the in vivo killing efficacy of cytotoxic T lymphocytes across different peptide-MHC complex densitiesGarcia, Victor; Richter, Kirsten; Graw, Frederik; Oxenius, Annette; Regoes, Roland R.
2016European government bond dynamics and stability policies : taming contagion risksSchüle, Martin; Schwendner, Peter
2016Evolution from mathematician to bioinformatician by natural selectionAnisimova, Maria
2019Evolutionary genomics : statistical and computational methodsAnisimova, Maria
1995Expenses and profits of simulation studiesBurkhard, Marcel
2014Expertensystem für Werbeartikel : Entwicklung eines auf Bayes Netzwerken basierenden Expertensystems und seiner Anwendung in einer konkreten MarktsituationZbinden, Erich; Eggel, Thomas
21-Feb-2021Explainable deep learning for medical time series dataFrick, Thomas; Glüge, Stefan; Rahimi, Abbas; Benini, Luca; Brunschwiler, Thomas
Jul-2022Exploring intracranial aneurysm instability markers to improve disease modelingDupuy, Nicolas; Juchler, Norman; Morel, Sandrine; Kwak, Brenda R.; Hirsch, Sven, et al
Jul-2019Extending statistical learning for aneurysm rupture assessment to Finnish and Japanese populations using morphology, hemodynamics, and patient characteristicsDetmer, Felicitas J.; Hadad, Sara; Chung, Bong Jae; Mut, Fernando; Slawski, Martin, et al
30-Oct-2018External validation of cerebral aneurysm rupture probability model with data from two patient cohortsDetmer, Felicitas J.; Fajardo-Jiménez, Daniel; Mut, Fernando; Juchler, Norman; Hirsch, Sven, et al
2012Faszination Simulation : ReferatBurkhard, Marcel