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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1-Jan-2018Calibrating stochastic models for understanding solar activityUlzega, Simone
2019Can stochastic resonance explain the amplification of planetary tidal forcing?Albert, Carlo; Ulzega, Simone
May-2020Can stochastic resonance explain the amplification of planetary tidal forcing?Albert, Carlo; Gaia, Filippo; Ulzega, Simone
6-Feb-2020Cancer-induced immunosuppression can enable effectiveness of immunotherapy through bistability generation : a mathematical and computational examinationGarcia, Victor; Bonhoeffer, Sebastian; Fu, Feng
2014Causality detection in complex time dependent systems examplified in financial time seriesNef, Annina; Glüge, Stefan; Ott, Thomas; Kauf, Peter
25-Apr-2022Characterisation of meat consumption across sociodemographic, lifestyle and anthropometric groups in Switzerland : results from the National Nutrition Survey menuCHTschanz, Linda; Kaelin, Ivo; Wróbel, Anna; Rohrmann, Sabine; Sych, Janice Marie
4-Oct-2018Clinical data sharing : a data scientist's perspectiveJuchler, Norman; Schilling, Sabine; Watanabe, Kazuhiro; Anzai, Hitomi; Rüfenacht, Daniel, et al
2013Clinical relevance of mechano-biological transduction in intracranial aneurysms : the mediating role of thrombus formation and inflammatory response expressing as aneurysm shapeHirsch, Sven; Egger, Julian; Wanke, Isabel; Kulcsar, Zsolt; Rüfenacht, Daniel
21-Mar-2018Clonal interference can cause wavelet-like oscillations of multilocus linkage disequilibriumGarcia, Victor; Glassberg, Emily C.; Harpak, Arbel; Feldman, Marcus W.
2016Clustered multidimensional scaling with Rulkov neuronsOtt, Thomas; Schüle, Martin; Held, Jenny; Albert, Carlo; Stoop, Ruedi
2013Clustering phenomena in coupled chaotic circuits with different coupling strengthUwate, Yoko; Ott, Thomas; Nishio, Yoshifumi
2012Clustering phenomena of coupled chaotic circuits for large scale networksTakamaru, Yuji; Uwate, Yoko; Ott, Thomas; Nishio, Yoshifumi
2019Clustering using chaotic circuit networks with weighted couplingsUwate, Yoko; Takamaru, Yuji; Ott, Thomas; Nishio, Yoshifumi
2014Complex forecastingOtt, Thomas
2015Computational framework for personalized characterization of aneurysm physics and physiology, as well as disease progression modellingNeufeld, Esra; Wissmann, Phillipp; Szczerba, Dominik; Teixeira, Frederico; Hirsch, Sven, et al
15-Mar-2022Computational literature-based discovery for natural products research : current state and future prospectsLardos, Andreas; Aghaebrahimian, Ahmad; Koroleva, Anna; Sidorova, Julia; Wolfram, Evelyn, et al
2015Computational methods for detecting and analyzing tandem repeatsAnisimova, Maria
2014Computational stent placement in transcatheter aortic valve implantationRuss, Christoph; Hopf, Raoul; Sündermann, Simon H.; Born, Silvia; Hirsch, Sven, et al
2021Coopetition : Kooperationen unter Mitbewerbern am Beispiel der LogistikbrancheHeim, Edgar; Stadler, Michael; Scherrer, Maike; Hollenstein, Lukas
8-Feb-2018Correlation of CFD with wall enhancementAnzai, Hitomi; Juchler, Norman; Bilenga, Philippe; Rüfenacht, Daniel; Wanke, Isabel, et al