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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
4-Oct-2019Tandem repeats lead to sequence assembly errors and impose multi-level challenges for genome and protein databasesTørresen, Ole K; Star, Bastiaan; Mier, Pablo; Andrade-Navarro, Miguel A; Bateman, Alex, et al
2014TGIF : topological gap in-fill for vascular networksSchneider, Matthias; Hirsch, Sven; Weber, Bruno; Székely, Gábor; Menze, Bjoern H.
2014The challenge of clustering flow cytometry data from phytoplankton in LakesGlüge, Stefan; Pomati, Francesco; Albert, Carlo; Kauf, Peter; Ott, Thomas
16-Nov-2020The collaborative learning cellular automata density classification problemSchüle, Martin
2014The evolution and function of protein tandem repeats in plantsSchaper, Elke; Anisimova, Maria
5-Jun-2017The future's back : first generic models of self-defeating road traffic forecastingOtt, Thomas; Füchslin, Rudolf Marcel
2015The role of clot maturation inside intracranial aneurysms using a viscoelastic thrombosis modelEgger, Julien; Szczerba, Dominik; Rüfenacht, Daniel; Szekely, Gabor; Hirsch, Sven
29-Sep-2021The Sentence End and Punctuation Prediction in NLG text (SEPP-NLG) shared task 2021Tuggener, Don; Aghaebrahimian, Ahmad
2015The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics’ resources : focus on curated databasesAnisimova, Maria; Gatti, Lorenzo; Gil, Manuel; Maiolo, Massimo
16-Jul-2014The traces of anisotropic dark energy in light of PlanckCardona, Wilmar; Hollenstein, Lukas; Kunz, Martin
2020The use of the rare TTA codon in Streptomyces genes : significance of the codon context?Silov, Serhii; Zaburannyi, Nestor; Anisimova, Maria; Ostash, Bohdan
7-Jul-2021Towards a symbiotic mutualism through external supply chain integrationScherrer, Maike; Hollenstein, Lukas; Stadler, Michael; Heim, Edgar
15-Oct-2020Towards creating a new triple store for literature-based discoveryKoroleva, Anna; Anisimova, Maria; Gil, Manuel
25-Jun-2021TRAL 2.0 : tandem repeat detection with circular profile hidden Markov models and evolutionary alignerDelucchi, Matteo; Näf, Paulina; Bliven, Spencer; Anisimova, Maria
2015TRAL : tandem repeat annotation librarySchaper, Elke; Korsunsky, Alexander; Pečerska, Jūlija; Messina, Antonio; Murri, Riccardo, et al
2-Sep-2020Typing plasmids with distributed sequence representationKaufmann, Moritz; Schüle, Martin; Smits, Theo; Pothier, Joël
2019Understanding morphological irregularity : a rater-based studyJuchler, Norman; Schilling, Sabine; Bijlenga, Philippe; Rüfenacht, Daniel; Kurtcuoglu, Vartan, et al
16-Jun-2020Understanding the spread of de novo and transmitted macrolide-resistance in Mycoplasma genitaliumCadosch, Dominique; Garcia, Victor; Jensen, Jørgen S.; Low, Nicola; Althaus, Christian L.
2014Unraveling patterns of site-to-site synonymous rates variation and associated gene properties of protein domains and familiesDimitrieva, Slavica; Anisimova, Maria
5-Feb-2021Unraveling the deep learning gearbox in optical coherence tomography image segmentation towards explainable artificial intelligenceMaloca, Peter M.; Müller, Philipp L.; Lee, Aaron Y.; Tufail, Adnan; Balaskas, Konstantinos, et al