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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
19-Oct-2020How to collect current usage data outside the laboratoryBaumann, Patrick; Heinzelmann, Andreas
2018How to maximize the kwh/kwp ratio : simulations of single-axis tracking in bifacial systemsJanssen, G.J.M.; Burgers, A.R.; Binani, A.; Carr, A.J.; Van Aken, B.B., et al
2020Hydraulic transients and computationsZhang, Zhengji
2017Illumination homogeneity of bifacial systems : outdoor measurements with systematically varied installation conditions : visualBaumann, Thomas; Klenk, Markus; Keller, Nicolas; Nussbaumer, Hartmut; Baumgartner, Daniel
12-Jul-2020Impact of field design and location on the techno-economic performance of fixed-tilt and single-axis tracked bifacial photovoltaic power plantsChudinzow, Dimitrij; Klenk, Markus; Eltrop, Ludger
7-Oct-2019Implementation of quasi-static time series simulations for analysis of the impact of electric vehicles on the gridAllenspach, Cyril Armand; Hogger, Reto; Obusevs, Artjoms; Korba, Petr; Reist, Helen
2014Improved rotor angular speed measurement : a key for proper power grid stabilizationBaechle, M.; Knazkins, Valerijs; Larsson, M.; Korba, Petr
28-Sep-2017Increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) batteries through non-intrusive load monitoringBaumann, Patrick Walter; Heinzelmann, Andreas; Benyoucef, Dirk; Held, Pirmin
28-Sep-2015Industrial Si solar cells with Cu based plated contactsHorzel, Jörg T.; Shengzhao, Yuan; Bay, Norbert; Passig, Michael; Pysch, Damian, et al
2016Influence of low concentration on the energy harvest of PV systems using bifacial modulesNussbaumer, Hartmut; Petrzilek, Giordano; Schartinger, Steve; Klenk, Markus; Keller, Nico, et al
Feb-2020Innovative primary frequency control in low-inertia power systems based on wide-area RoCoF sharingChamorro, Harold; Gonzalez, Francisco; Rouzbehi, Kumars; Segundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Chavez, Hector, et al
2013Integracao e gerenciamento de baterias de sistemas fotovoltaicosKorba, Petr; Baumgartner, Franz; Völlmin, Bruno; Manjunatha, Aravind
2012Integration and management of PV-battery systems in the gridKorba, Petr; Baumgartner, Franz; Völlmin, B.; Manjunatha, A.P.
2013Integration of large battery storage system into distribution grid with renewable generationManjunatha, Aravind; Korba, Petr; Stauch, Vanessa
2014Integration von erneuerbaren Energiequellen ins elektrische Netz : Herausforderungen und mögliche LösungenKorba, Petr
2018Inter-area oscillation control based on eigensystem realization approachDobrowolski, Jean; Segundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Zelaya, Fransisco; Paternina, Mario
2011Intercomparison of pulsed solar simulator measurements between the mobile flasher bus and stationary calibration laboratoriesBaumgartner, Franz; Schär, Daniel; Pezzotti, M.; Haller, J.; Polverini, D., et al
2017Investigation of effects due to encapsulation thicknessOreski, Gernot; Halm, Andreas; Schenk, Verena; Krumlacher, Werner; Nussbaumer, Hartmut
Nov-2020Investigation of harmonic issues in distribution grids due to high share of electric vehiclesDi Domenico, Diego; Obusevs, Artjoms; Korba, Petr
10-Nov-2020Investigation of local voltage control solutions for the integration of renewable power sources into the low-voltage networksObusevs, Artjoms; Carigiet, Fabian; Baumgartner, Franz; Korba, Petr