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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019“I am member of the fish club for years, but on meetings I always go with my parents” : contextually bound experiences of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder to understand environmental influences for participationKrieger, Beate; Schulze, Christina; Piškur, Barbara; Beurskens, Anna; Moser, Albine
11-Sep-2020“I am something that no longer exists…” : longing for Yugoslavia among the youth of ex-Yugoslav descent in SwitzerlandMüller-Suleymanova, Dilyara
2004I can do, you can do, we can do : recommendations for foreign-language learning at the ZHWBarnett, Penelope; Schütz, Hans; Stamm, David; Wittenwiller, Hans Ulrich
2017'I combined it myself'-effect : how to influence customers’ willingness to payOtto, Jessica; Hari, Jürg J.
Aug-2020I DIVE reflection tool : overview & instructionsSchärli-Lim, Susan
2004"I find that a bit exaggerated" : neutralization in trans­lationKünzli, Alexander
2014I have a dream : the role of signalling in entrepreneurial leadershipHefti, Jacques; Levie, Jonathan
8-Apr-2022I looked it up in DeepL : online dictionaries and online machine translationDelorme Benites, Alice; Cotelli Kureth, Sara; Lehr, Caroline; Steele, Elizabeth
2018"I prodotti della Valle Verzasca" : concetto per la valorizzazione turistica dei prodotti localiReutz, Birgit; Gredig, Hansjürg; Scettrini, Fiorenzo
2007"I stay at home because it is easier for me to get out among people" : gender arrangements in working poor family householdsStreuli, Elisa
2016I tetti verdi di tipo estensivo : biodiversità ad alta quotaCatalano, Chiara; Brenneisen, Stephan; Baumann, Nathalie; Guarino, Riccardo
2014I want to quit education : a longitudinal study of stress and optimism as predictors of school dropout intentionEicher, Véronique; Staerklé, Christian; Clémence, Alain
Jun-2021“I will not put myself above my child” – managing alcohol risk and (re)producing gendered norms of good parenthood during pregnancyRadu, Irina; Gouilhers, Solène; Hammer, Raphaël; Meyer, Yvonne; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
2018'I'm only half!' : schooling and strategies of belonging among adolescents from minority ethnic backgrounds in RussiaSuleymanova, Dilyara
2021I, AR & Myself – Kundenselbstwahrnehmung als Teil der Customer Experience bei Nutzung von Augmented Reality : Applikationen am Beispiel der Beauty-BrancheSchäfer, Wolfgang; Barth, Linard; Yazici, Büsra
2015IAM-Bernet Studie Journalisten im Web 2015 : Recherchieren, Publizieren, Diskutieren: ausgewählte Einblicke in den Social-Media-Alltag von Schweizer JournalistenMesserli, Irène; Allemann, Dominik; Keel, Guido
2019IAM-Bernet Studie Journalisten im Web 2019 : Recherchieren, Publizieren, Diskutieren: Ausgewählte Einblicke in den Social-Media-Alltag von Schweizer JournalistenKeel, Guido; Allemann, Dominik; Messerli, Irène
2009IAM-Bernet-Studie Journalisten im Internet 2009 : eine repräsentative Befragung von Schweizer Medienschaffenden zum beruflichen Umgang mit dem InternetKeel, Guido; Bernet, Marcel
2005IAM/Bernet-Studie Journalisten im Internet 2005Bernet, Marcel; Keel, Guido
2016Das IAP führen heisst Vielfalt führenEberhardt, Daniela; Claus, Stephanie; Gundrum, Ellen