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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
200114-O-04-Silver ions and quantum-sized silver sulfide clusters in zeolite ABrühwiler, Dominik; Leiggener, Claudia; Calzaferri, Gion
20162. Mathematical compensation of multi-modulation artefacts in medium resolution gas-phase spectra using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopySchilling, Mathias; Stohner, Jürgen
2016Die 20 hartnäckigsten Missverständnisse und Irrtümer zu BüroarbeitsweltenWindlinger Inversini, Lukas; Konkol, Jennifer; Janser, Marcel; Schanné, Fabienne; Lange, Stefanie, et al
20132000-Watt-Society : a tool to compare renovation alternatives of buildingsRohrer, Jürg
20163. Synthesis and derivative resolution of halogenated enantiomersManov, Stole; Galati, Vanessa; Meister, Manuela; Spenger, Benjamin; Stohner, Jürgen
Jun-20216G security challenges and potential solutionsPorambage, Pawani; Gür, Gürkan; Moya Osorio, Diana Pamela; Livanage, Madhusanka; Ylianttila, Mika
2008A battery-less switch for use in 802.15.4 / ZigBee applicationsMeli, Marcel; Bluem, Alex
2017A bio-inspired auto-velocity detection algorithm for autonomous robotsGwerder, Erhard; Doran, Hans Dermot
2013A candidate gene of Malus x robusta 5 for breeding towards fire blight resistanceFahrentrapp, Johannes; Broggini, GAL; Peil, A; Kellerhals, M; Malnoy, M, et al
2021A capacitive color-changing electronic skin for touch sensing applicationsFehr, Daniel; Sassenburg, Renske; Blunschi, Jacqueline; Lay-Ekuakille, Aimé; Massaro, Alessandro, et al
2014A case for CDN-as-a-service in the cloud : a mobile cloud networking argumentDudouet, Florian; Harsh, Piyush; Ruiz, Santiago; Gomes, Andre; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
17-Jun-2021A city without noise? : tackling the unintended effects of noise abatement, and developing strategies to enhance the quality of urban lifeBrandenberg, Elias; Jossi, Martial; Kaschlik, Anke; Streckeisen, Peter
2020A closer look at constraints, stakeholders and boundary definitions in energy (master) planning between neighbourhood and districtHaase, Matthias; Baer, Daniela
2007A collection-oriented framework for social applicationsde Spindler, Alexandre; Grossniklaus, Michael; Norrie, Moira C.
2009A communication technique for swarm-capable autonomous agentsDoran, Hans Dermot
2019A comparative analysis of cryptocurrency consensus algorithmsWagner, Kevin; Keller, Thomas; Seiler, Roger
2021A comparative analysis of the trading behavior of the participants in the first three phases of the EU emissions trading systemLeu, Thomas
2020A comparative assessment and synthesis of twenty ethics codes on AI and big dataLoi, Michele; Heitz, Christoph; Christen, Markus
2020A compiler framework to derive microfluidic platforms for manufacturing hierarchical, compartmentalized structures that maximize yield of chemical reactionsWeyland, Mathias S.; Flumini, Dandolo; Schneider, Johannes J.; Füchslin, Rudolf M.
2021A conceptual study customer-centric luxury ecosystems : an innovative strategic approach for luxury customer experience managementGadgil, Maya; Guhl, Selina; Björck, Albena