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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2013Calorie labeling of menus : a feasibility study in a university cafeteriaSych, Janice Marie; Brombach, Christine; Müller, Claudia; Fotouhinia, Maryam
2018Can explicit modeling of dynamical systems in physics change students’ beliefs concerning the nature of scientific knowledge?Dumont, Elisabeth; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich
2014Cardiopulmonary and gas-exchange responses during the six-minute walk test in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseGestel, Arnoldus van; Baty, Florence; Rausch Osthoff, Anne-Kathrin; Brutsche, Martin
2016Caring together for a frail older person : family’s involvement into caregiving in the home care setting - an integrative review (method)Ris, Irène; Mahrer Imhof, Romy
2018Cast off! Chocolate from cacao cell culturesSchildberger, David; Stutz, Irene; Weber, Carlo; Pedan, Vasilisa; Schlüter, Ansgar, et al
May-2015Cell viability on titanium implant surfaces modified with antibacterial copperJung, C.; Mathes, Stephanie; Bono, Epifania
2015Cell viability on titanium implant surfaces modified with antibacterial copperJung, C; Mathes, Stephanie; Bono, Epifania; Walker, C; Kessler, A, et al
2012Cell-seeded thermoreversible hydrogel-polyurethane composites for nucleus pulposus augmentationStriegl, Britta; Grad, S.; Eglin, D; Benneker, L.; Peroglio, M., et al
29-Nov-2019Certificate International Profile (CIP) BSc Midwifery : an innovative concept to promote intercultural competenceGraf Heule, Petra; Ammann-Fiechter, Silvia
24-Sep-2020CFD for stirred bioreactors : analysis of different multiphase models to determine oxygen mass transferSeidel, Stefan; Werner, Sören; Eibl, Dieter
2019CFD modelling of pollutant transport from a docked marine vesselMadsen, Synne; Zubiaga, Asier; Khawaja, Hassan Abbas; Boiger, Gernot Kurt
2012Characterization of coffee brews made from different roasting degrees using size exclusion chromatography and antioxidant assaysSmrke, Samo; Opitz, Sebastian; Petrozzi, Sergio; Yeretzian, Chahan
2016Characterization of light-gas interaction in strongly-scattering nanoporous materials and its implications for tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopyVenturini, Francesca; Schönherr, Veit; Rey, Julien; Adolfsson, Erik
6-Apr-2022Chemical analysis of olive oils from fluorescence spectra thanks to one-dimensional convolutional neural networksSperti, Michela; Michelucci, Umberto; Venturini, Francesca; Gucciardi, Arnaud; Deriu, Marco A.
2017Childbirth in complex situations : ein zukunftsweisendes Modul im Studiengang Master of Science Hebamme an der Zürcher Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW)Brendel-Hofmann, Karin; Friedli, Beatrice; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
May-2018Children's play in occupational therapy : a comparison between Switzerland, Ireland and SwedenSchulze, Christina; Prellwitz, Maria; Lynch, Helen; Moore, Alice
2019Chronic pain concepts and provision in Swiss paediatricians : prevalence and experiencesCarlander, Maria; Koechlin, Helen; Locher, Cosima; Wörner, Andreas; Dratva, Julia
2019Climate protection in tourism and leisure activities : insights from a tourists’ perspectiveTrachsel, Sonja; Gruber, Simone; Gantenbein, Basil
5-Sep-2021Climbing ropes : environmental hotspots in their life cycle and potentials for optimizationBradford, Sebastian; Rupf, Reto; Stucki, Matthias
24-May-2019Coaching in COPCA : a promising method to enhance family participation and motor development of infants with special needsAkhbari Ziegler, Schirin; Hadders-Algra, Mijna