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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014Tail-risk protection trading strategiesSchwendner, Peter; Packham, Nathalie; Papenbrock, Jochen
2019Talking about life with Multiple Sclerosis : a qualitative study of patient experiencesGlässel, Andrea; Streeck, Nina; Mouton Dorey, Corine; Briegel, Dana; Spitale, Giovanni, et al
2011Technical documentation for the elderlyBadras, Catherine; Lohse, Kathrin; Nüssel, Cornelia
17-May-2018Telefonisches Nachgespräch durch die Hebamme : ein Hebammenprojekt mit Evaluation der Gebärabteilung des Universitätsspitals ZürichAeberli, Regula; Meier Käppeli, Barbara Katharina; La Marca-Ghaemmaghami, Pearl; Günthard, Barbara; Zimmermann, Roland, et al
Sep-2019Test stand for internally cooled metal gearsDennig, Hans-Jörg; Winterberg, Simon
Oct-2020Text-based healthcare chatbot coaching to reduce stress of people suffering from chronic pain and migraineHauser-Ulrich, Sandra; Lienhard, Natascha; Burtscher, Michael Josef; Gantenbein, Andreas; Kowatsch, Tobias, et al
2021Thank you for smoking! : how loopholes create big rents for big tobaccoKohler, Andreas
Jun-2020The Adams Event, a geomagnetic-driven environmental crisis 42,000 years agoCooper, Alan; Turney, Chris; Anet, Julien G., et al
2018The association of riders’ physical fitness with riding performanceAegerter, Andrea Martina; Weishaupt, Michael Andreas; Gubler, Barbara; Latif, Selma; Rast, Fabian, et al
17-Nov-2013The Bulgarian Swiss joint research project PhytoBalk : an example of application of biotechnological methods for the conservation of valuable medicinal plants germplasm and region independent biotechnological production of plant derived pharmaceuticalsWolfram, Evelyn; Meier, Beat; Danova, Kalina
2021The burden of cystic fibrosis beyond medical costs in SwitzerlandTzogiou, Christina; Pöhlmann, Johannes; Mattli, Renato; Jung, Andreas
21-May-2022The coping with and caring for infants with special needs intervention was associated with improved motor development in preterm infantsAkhbari Ziegler, Schirin; von Rhein, Michael; Meichtry, André; Wirz, Markus; Hielkema, Tjitske, et al
2012The cost and revenue situation of intravenous administration versus subcutaneous application of Herceptin and MabThera in SwitzerlandRüthemann, Isabelle; Auerbach, Holger
2016The energy principle in a model of electric braking of a flywheelCorni, Federico; Dumont, Elisabeth; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Schütz, Edy
8-Feb-2017The European snow bookletAnet, Julien; Fierz, Charles; Marty, Christoph; Arslan, Ali Nadir; Helmert, Jürgen, et al
29-Aug-2021The evaluation of an interprofessional education program for Advanced Practice Nurses in SwitzerlandWaldboth, Veronika; Schuler, Christina; Mc Crosky, Stephen; Mezger, Mirjam; Domeisen Benedetti, Franzisca, et al
17-Feb-2021The first characterisation of meat consumption across sociodemographic, lifestyle and anthropometric groups in Switzerland : results from the National Nutrition Survey menuCHTschanz, Linda; Kaelin, Ivo; Wróbel, Anna; Pestoni, Guilia; Rohrmann, Sabine, et al
26-Sep-2013The German version of the Hope-Centered Career InventorySchreiber, Marc; Joon Yoon, Hyung; Schindler, Nicola
2021The immigration-specific determinants of health care utilization : a Swiss cross-sectional studyTzogiou, Christina; Brunner, Beatrice; Boes, Stefan
Sep-2014The impact of age on perception : liking of sucrose and citric acid enriched apple juices in young and elderly peopleBruckner, Michael Josef; Kinner, Julia; Bongartz, Annette