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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jun-2017Development of a matrix-based technology platform for the high throughput analysis of 3D cell culturesRimann, Markus; Bono, Epifania; Picenoni, Armin; Felley-Bosco, Emanuela; Meyer, Andreas, et al
2017Evaluation of 3D hepatic tissue models for bioprintingBono, Epifania; Mathes, Stephanie; Rimann, Markus
16-Oct-2020Evaluation of 3D PLLA scaffolds coated with nano‐thick collagen as carrier for hepatocytesHendrawan, Siufui; Bono, Epifania; Hutter, Albert; Weber, Ursula; Lheman, Jennifer, et al
2019Evaluation of anodized surfaces designed for improved soft tissue integrationNosswitz, Michael; Teale, Misha; Mathes, Stephanie; Venturato, Andrea; Gasser, Angelines
2009Fast realization of the modal vector fitting method for rational modeling with accurate representation of small eigenvaluesGustavsen, Bjørn; Heitz, Christoph
30-May-2022Macromolecular crowding tuned extracellular matrix deposition in a bioprinted human rhabdomyosarcoma modelD'Agostino, Stefania; Rimann, Markus; Gamba, Piergiorgio; Perilongo, Giorgio; Pozzobon, Michela, et al
14-Oct-2021Matrigel 3D bioprinting of contractile human skeletal muscle models recapitulating exercise and pharmacological responsesAlave Reyes-Furrer, Angela; De Andrade, Sonia; Bachmann, Dominic; Jeker, Heidi; Steinmann, Martin, et al
2015Pulverbasierter 3D Druck im Bereich FoodBuchli, Jürg
2017Qualität - zwischen diskursiver Annäherung und normativer SetzungZartmann, Eberhard; Kehl, Konstantin
15-Jul-2020Swiss-Chinese cooperation for organs-on-a-chip and stem cell researchKopanska, Katarzyna; Rimann, Markus
2018TEDD annual meeting with 3D bioprinting workshopRaghunath, Michael; Rimann, Markus; Kopanska, Katarzyna S.; Laternser, Sandra
2020TEDD Competence Centre Report 2019Kopanska, Katarzyna; Rimann, Markus
2018ZHAW Waedenswil : a new approach in the fight against cancerRimann, Markus