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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019Faraday instability in small vessels under vertical vibrationZubiaga, Asier; Brunner, Daniel; Sager, Fabian; Clemens, Mirjam; Koepf, Ellen, et al
2017Fouling remediation during microscale synthesis of a phosphate modified TiO2-catalystJussen, Daniel; Hochstrasser, Martin; Riedlberger, Peter
14-Dec-2017FSI of viscosity measuring mechanical resonators : theoretical and experimental analysisBrunner, Daniel; Häusler, Klaus; Kumar, Sunil; Boiger, Gernot Kurt; Khawaja, Hassan Abbas, et al
1-Feb-2022Improvement of safe bromine electrolytes and their cell performance in H2/Br2 flow batteries caused by tuning the bromine complexation equilibriumKüttinger, Michael; Riasse, Raphaël; Wlodarczyk, Jakub; Fischer, Peter; Tübke, Jens
2018Interaction, dynamics and migration of caesium from building materialsHofmann, Thomas
18-Dec-2019Investigating tar formation at low pressures in wood gasification systems, applying a novel thermo-chemical simulation modelBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Buff, Vincent; Zubiaga, Asier; Fassbind, Adrian; Caels, Pedro
2019Investigation of modal distortion and temporal effects in torsional resonatorsBrunner, Daniel; Goodbeard, J.; Kumar, S.; Khawaja, H. A.; Boiger, Gernot Kurt
11-May-2021Kinetic data for continuous processes from liquid‐liquid loop reactor experimentsRütti, David; Moser, Marlies; Georg, Alain G.; Spier, Eyal S.; Meier, Daniel Matthias
2018Lagrangian model using CFD flow data to predict the current-voltage characteristics of a solid oxide fuel cell repeat unitMeier, Christoph; Meier, Daniel; Vandercruysse, Felix; Hocker, Thomas
2016Mixing in microfluidic structuresJussen, Daniel; Lüthy, David; Riedlberger, Peter
12-Sep-2019Modeling particle clouds in coating applications : the long road from qualitative modeling to fully validated industrial applicabilityBoiger, Gernot Kurt
Dec-2019Morphological computation and control in medicine and related sciencesFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel; Scheidegger, Stephan; Flumini, Dandolo; Schneider, Johannes Josef; Weyland, Mathias
2012New miniature stirred-tank bioreactors for parallel study of enzymatic biomass hydrolysisRiedlberger, Peter; Weuster-Botz, Dirk
7-Sep-2021Operando spectroscopic monitoring of active species in CO2 hydrogenation at elevated pressure and temperature : steady-state versus transient analysisGau, Alina; Hack, Jannis; Maeda, Nobutaka; Meier, Daniel Matthias
2011Parallel reactors for enzymatic hydrolysis of biomassRiedlberger, Peter
13-Oct-2020Potassium titanate nanobelts : a unique support for Au and AuRh nanoparticles in the catalytic reduction of NO with COBaiker, Alfons; Wang, Xianwei; Maeda, Nobutaka; Meier, Daniel Matthias
13-Aug-2019Preparation of highly active phosphated TiO2 catalysts via continuous sol–gel synthesis in a microreactorMartin, Oliver; Bolzli, Nicole; Puértolas, Begoña; Pérez-Ramírez, Javier; Riedlberger, Peter
2017Preparation of phosphated TiO₂ catalysts via continuous sol-gel functionalization synthesis in microreactorsMartin, Oliver; Bolzli, Nicole; Riedlberger, Peter
Nov-2017Response of armour steel plates to localised air blast load : a dimensional analysisFallah, A. S.; Mehreganian, N.; Boiger, Gernot Kurt; Louca, L.
27-May-2020Shear stress investigations on Levitronix single-use centrifugal pumpsSchirmer, Cedric