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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Oct-2021A massive simultaneous cloud computing platform for OpenFOAMBoiger, Gernot Kurt; Sharman, Darren; Siyahhan, Bercan; Lienhard, Viktor; Boldrini, Marlon, et al
15-Dec-2022A multiphysics-simulation-based study of process-parameter-impact on key-performance-attributes of the powder coating of u-profilesBoiger, Gernot; Siyahhan, Bercan; Sharman, Darren; Cabrera, Alejandro
2-Dec-2023A qualitative comparison of ANSYS and OpenFOAM results for carbon dioxide plume transportMadsen, S.; Andleeb, Z.; Khawaja, H.; Boiger, Gernot Kurt; Moatamedi, M.
Dec-2023A semi transient methodology for dual time stepping of particle and flow field simulations of an Eulerian-Lagrangian multiphysics solverSiyahhan, Bercan; Boiger, Gernot; Fallah, Arash; Khawaja, Hassan; Moatamedi, Moji
Dec-2021A semi-automated Multiphysics simulation software for process design in the powder coating industrySiyahhan, Bercan; Boiger, Gernot Kurt
2021A simple instrument to measure the thermal transport properties of the human skinZubiaga, Asier; Kirsch, Christoph; Boiger, Gernot Kurt; Bonmarin, Mathias
2014A thermo fluid dynamic model of wood particle gasification and combustion processesBoiger, Gernot Kurt
Oct-2021A unified approach on teaching and modelling 1D dynamic Multiphysics systemsBoiger, Gernot Kurt
Oct-2022Acoustic metamaterials with controllable bandgap gates based on magnetorheological elastomersGorshkov, Vyacheslav N.; Bereznykov, Oleksii V.; Boiger, Gernot K.; Sareh, Pooya; Fallah, Arash S.
27-May-2020Analysis of a tubular torsionally resonating viscosity–density sensorBrunner, Daniel; Goodbread, Joe; Häusler, Klaus; Kumar, Sunil; Boiger, Gernot Kurt, et al
10-Dec-2020Analysis of falling droplets into resting liquid and resulting shear stressesHostettler, Marco; Brunner, Daniel; Rosenthal, Florian; Clemens, Mirjam; Koepf, Ellen, et al
14-Dec-2017Analysis of stresses and surface topology of dynamically agitated fluidsBrunner, Daniel; Clemens, Mirjam; Sager, Fabian; Boiger, Gernot Kurt
2020Application and results : filter fibre engineeringBoiger, Gernot Kurt
3-Sep-2021Atmospheric contamination of coastal cities by the exhaust emissions of docked marine vessels : the case of TromsøZubiaga, Asier; Madsen, Synne; Khawaja, Hassan; Boiger, Gernot Kurt
15-Dec-2023Calibration and numerical modelling of a peristaltic pump for accurate fluid transport in complex tube setupsHostettler, Marco; Boiger, Gernot
2019CFD modelling of pollutant transport from a docked marine vesselMadsen, Synne; Zubiaga, Asier; Khawaja, Hassan Abbas; Boiger, Gernot Kurt
Dec-2018CFD modelling of pressure and shear rate in torsionally vibrating structures using ANSYS CFX and COMSOL multiphysicsBrunner, Daniel; Khawaja, Hassan; Moatamedi, Moji; Boiger, Gernot Kurt
2016Characterization of particle laden flows and deposition behaviour in electro-static fieldsBoiger, Gernot Kurt
17-Mar-2023Characterization-app : standardized microstructure characterization of SOC electrodes as a key element for Digital Materials DesignMarmet, Philip; Holzer, Lorenz; Hocker, Thomas; Boiger, Gernot K.; Bausinger, Holger, et al
22-Sep-2022coatSim : a simulation based digital solution for optimization of production processes for particle-laden flowsSiyahhan, Bercan; Boiger, Gernot