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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2024Policy instruments for green infrastructureZabel, Astrid; Häusler, Mara-Magdalena
2024Innovations in journalism as complex interplay : supportive and obstructive factors in international comparisonMeier, Klaus; Grassl, Michael; Garcia-Avilés, José Alberto; Mondejar, Dámaso; Kaltenbrunner, Andy, et al
1-Dec-2023How youth word of the year initiatives can impact the perception of youth in public discoursevon Beyme, Evelyne
1-Dec-2023Factors influencing young people’s news consumption in Switzerland during normative transitions : a mixed methods studyKlopfenstein Frei, Nadine; Wyss, Valery; Weber, Wibke
Dec-2023Spider4SPARQL : a complex benchmark for evaluating knowledge graph question answering systemsKosten, Catherine; Cudré-Mauroux, Philippe; Stockinger, Kurt
Dec-2023Kann ein autoritativer Unterrichtsstil Schulabsentismus entgegenwirken? : ein Blick nach AsienPizzera, Michele
Dec-2023Thermochemical storage networks for integration of renewable energy sources through seasonal load shiftingBaldini, Luca; Zambrano, Juan Mahecha
30-Nov-2023Flexible facility requirements for strategic planning of airport passenger terminal infrastructureWaltert, Manuel; Jimenez Perez, Edgar; Pagliari, Romano
28-Nov-2023Investigation of time and location dependent variations in electroluminescence images of perovskite solar cellsComi, Ennio; Jenatsch, Sandra; Blülle, Balthasar; Battaglia, Mattia; Torre Cachafeiro, Miguel Angel, et al
25-Nov-2023Open access movement : noble intend – questionable outcome (and what different stakeholders can do about that)Dengler, Jürgen
24-Nov-2023Anwendung der DOS und Delirprävalenz : eine quantitative Längsschnittstudie in einem Schweizer ZentrumsspitalLauffer-Vogt, Stefan Urs; Hediger, Hannele; Knüppel Lauener, Susanne; Schubert, Maria
23-Nov-2023Seeing democracy like a cityBeveridge, Ross; Koch, Philippe
21-Nov-2023Editorial: The power of images : how they act and how we act with themWeber, Wibke; Eriksson, Yvonne; Tan, Sabine
15-Nov-2023Antidepressants use in Italy : an ecological study of national and regional trends and associated factorsAmendola, Simone; Hengartner, Michael Pascal
15-Nov-2023An explainable multicentric analysis for understanding the aetiology of intracranial aneurysm diseaseDelucchi, Matteo; Spinner, Georg R.; Bijlenga, Philippe; Morel, Sandrine; Hostettler, Isabel, et al
14-Nov-2023Wohlbefinden und Verletzlichkeit von Kindern und Jugendlichen im DigitalenPomey, Marion; Pizzera, Michele
11-Nov-2023Health inequalities of LGBT persons in Switzerland : results from the first national LGBT health studyPfister, Andreas; Krüger, Paula; Eder, Manuela
10-Nov-2023Application of broadband powerline communication for industrial control using COTS componentsBrunner, Kilian; Dominiak, Stephen; Ostertag, Martin
9-Nov-2023Towards a taxonomy of large language model based business model transformationsWulf, Jochen; Meierhofer, Jürg
9-Nov-2023Radical open-access proposal needs to succeedSpichtinger, Daniel; Šimukovič, Elena