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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1-Jan-2022Performance and dynamics of active greywater heat recovery in buildingsHadengue, Bruno; Morgenroth, Eberhard; Larsen, Tove A.; Baldini, Luca
25-Nov-2021Control-oriented modelling and operational optimization of a borehole thermal energy storageFiorentini, Massimo; Baldini, Luca
1-Nov-2021Combining sorption storage and electric heat pumps to foster integration of solar in buildingsTzinnis, Efstratios; Baldini, Luca
30-Sep-2021A challenge for applied linguistics : developing a novel curriculum in the field of language and integrationKonstantinidou, Liana; Stadler, Ursula
22-Sep-2021Der Blended University gehört die ZukunftWassmer, Christian; Wilhelm, Elena
22-Sep-2021Prävention psychischer Erkrankungen im Kindes- und ­JugendalterWieber, Frank; Passalacqua, Silvia; Zysset, Annina; Crameri, Aureliano; Künzler, Alfred, et al
21-Sep-2021Taltuta kipu : istuvan ihmisen käsikirjaLuomajoki, Hannu; Sievinen, Anna
20-Sep-2021A novel slicing strategy to print overhangs without support materialWüthrich, Michael; Gubser, Maurus; Elspass, Wilfried Johannes; Jaeger, Christian
18-Sep-2021Disability insurance benefit application in Switzerland : an analysis of linked administrative and survey dataAltwicker-Hámori, Szilvia
16-Sep-2021Communicative ecologies and translation in organizations : communication, identity and translators’ agencyMassey, Gary
16-Sep-2021Feasibility and preliminary results of an inpatient energy-management education (IEME) for persons with Multiple Sclerosis related fatigueWeise, Andrea
15-Sep-2021Evaluation II Familystart Zürich : AbschlussberichtZsindely, Piroska; Grylka, Susanne
14-Sep-2021The impact of emotion on comprehension and reformulation during translationHvelplund, Kristian T.; Lehr, Caroline
14-Sep-2021Das Danach ist wichtiger als das Davor? : Nachbearbeitung in der additiven FertigungKirchheim, Andreas
13-Sep-2021Increasing the safety against scuffing of additive manufactured gear wheels by internal cooling channelsDennig, Hans-Jörg; Zumofen, Livia; Stierli, Daniel; Kirchheim, Andreas; Winterberg, Simon
10-Sep-2021Analysis of grid events influenced by different levels of renewable integration on extra-large power systemsRüeger, Christoph; Dobrowolski, Jean; Segundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Korba, Petr
9-Sep-2021Struggles for the decommodification of housing : the politics of housing cooperatives in Uruguay and SwitzerlandBarenstein, Jennifer Duyne; Koch, Philippe; Sanjines, Daniela; Assandri, Carla; Matonte, Cecilia, et al
8-Sep-2021Nach uns die Sintflut : die Konsequenzen des Abzugs aus AfghanistanHartwell, Christopher A.; Ursprung, Dominique
7-Sep-2021Operando spectroscopic monitoring of active species in CO2 hydrogenation at elevated pressure and temperature : steady-state versus transient analysisGau, Alina; Hack, Jannis; Maeda, Nobutaka; Meier, Daniel Matthias
7-Sep-2021The diversity of “practice orientation” at universities of applied sciencesSommer-von Schönberg, Katharina; Wassmer, Christian