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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jul-2018Accurate material validation of selected AU Polyurethanes under highly dynamic loading conditionsEberlein, Robert; Holenstein, Simon
18-Dec-2021Analysis of pressure drop and blast pressure leakage of passive air blast safety valves : an experimental and numerical studyBrenner, Lorenz; Jenni, Christian; Guyer, Flurin; Stähli, Patrick; Eberlein, Robert, et al
2018Efficient material parameter calibration of elastomer specimen in uniaxial tension, planar shear and equibiaxial tensionEberlein, Robert; Holenstein, Simon
2024Fatigue life analysis of POM gears with transient material modelingDüzel, Sven; Eberlein, Robert; Dennig, Hans-Jörg
7-Dec-2020Fatigue life analysis of solid elastomer-like polyurethanesEberlein, Robert; Fukada, Yuta; Pasieka, Lucian
2024Fatigue lifetime analysis of POM gears for generalized tooth root loading and shapesEberlein, Robert; Düzel, Sven
2015Flüssiges Natrium mit einem Standardwerkstoff abdichtenHuber, Cyril; Eberlein, Robert; Kappeler, Robin; Fehr, Roland; Scarfe, Peter, et al
2015Heiss, hochreaktiv und hochbelastet : flüssiges Natrium in einer Planetenmagnetfeld-Forschungseinrichtung mit einem Standardwerkstoff abdichtenHuber, Cyril; Eberlein, Robert; Fehr, Roland; Scarfe, Peter; Noir, Jérome, et al
Aug-2017Mechanical modeling and validation of selected polymers for highly dynamic impact loadsEberlein, Robert; Rizos, Dimosthenis; Pasieka, Lucian
2015Optimisation of nonlinear material parameter in uniaxial compression tests of elastomer specimen, involving frictionEberlein, Robert; Kappeler, Robin
Jan-2020Prediction of long-term behavior for dynamically loaded TPUEberlein, Robert; Pasieka, Lucian
May-2020Simulation and validation of residual deformations in additive manufacturing of metal partsMayer, Thomas; Brändle, Gabriel; Schönenberger, Andreas; Eberlein, Robert
Dec-2019Validation of advanced constitutive models for accurate FE modeling of TPUEberlein, Robert; Pasieka, Lucian; Rizos, Dimosthenis