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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jun-2018A dynamic network approach for the analysis of pathogen transmission chainsOtt, Thomas; Glüge, Stefan; Schüle, Martin; Hill, Christopher
6-May-2022Animal detection and species classification on Swiss camera trap images using AIVidondo, Beatriz; Glüge, Stefan; Hubert, Laurtent; Fischer, Claude; Le Grand, Luc
2013Annotation and classification of changes of involvement in group conversationBöck, Ronald; Glüge, Stefan; Siegert, Ingo; Wendemuth, Andreas
27-Oct-2021Bias, awareness, and ignorance in deep-learning-based face recognitionWehrli, Samuel; Hertweck, Corinna; Amirian, Mohammadreza; Glüge, Stefan; Stadelmann, Thilo
2014Causality detection in complex time dependent systems examplified in financial time seriesNef, Annina; Glüge, Stefan; Ott, Thomas; Kauf, Peter
2019Economic measures of forecast accuracy for demand planning : a case-based discussionOtt, Thomas; Glüge, Stefan; Bödi, Richard; Kauf, Peter
2017Emotion recognition from speech using representation learning in extreme learning machinesGlüge, Stefan; Böck, Ronald; Ott, Thomas
2023Evaluation of deep learning training strategies for the classification of bone marrow cell imagesGlüge, Stefan; Balabanov, Stefan; Koelzer, Viktor Hendrik; Ott, Thomas
21-Feb-2021Explainable deep learning for medical time series dataFrick, Thomas; Glüge, Stefan; Rahimi, Abbas; Benini, Luca; Brunschwiler, Thomas
2-Sep-2020How (not) to measure bias in face recognition networksGlüge, Stefan; Amirian, Mohammadreza; Flumini, Dandolo; Stadelmann, Thilo
18-May-2023Increase of body temperature immediately after ovulation in maresEpper, Pascale; Glüge, Stefan; Vidondo, Beatriz; Wróbel, Anna; Ott, Thomas, et al
19-Jul-2022Increase of skin temperature prior to parturition in maresMüller, Antonia; Glüge, Stefan; Vidondo, Beatriz; Wróbel, Anna; Ott, Thomas, et al
2014Learning long-term dependencies in segmented-memory recurrent neural networks with backpropagation of errorGlüge, Stefan; Böck, Ronald; Palm, Günther; Wendemuth, Andreas
Jun-2023Noisy drone RF signal classificationGlüge, Stefan; Nyfeler, Matthias; Ramagnano, Nicola; Horn, Claus; Schüpbach, Christoph
17-Mar-2020Radiomics approach to quantify shape irregularity from crowd-based qualitative assessment of intracranial aneurysmsJuchler, Norman; Schilling, Sabine; Glüge, Stefan; Bijlenga, Philippe; Rüfenacht, Daniel, et al
Nov-2023Robust drone detection and classification from radio frequency signals using convolutional neural networksGlüge, Stefan; Nyfeler, Matthias; Ramagnano, Nicola; Horn, Claus; Schüpbach, Christof
2014The challenge of clustering flow cytometry data from phytoplankton in LakesGlüge, Stefan; Pomati, Francesco; Albert, Carlo; Kauf, Peter; Ott, Thomas