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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2003A tool for preventive aircraft maintenance schedulingBarta, Janos; Steiner, Albert; Eigel, Ernst; Wüst, Urs; Hosang, Jürg
1996Behavior of nitrate in a heterogeneous field soil : measurements and modeling on different spatial scalesHosang, Jürg
May-2000Comparing and evaluating pesticide leaching models : results for the Tor Mancina data set (Italy)Francaviglia, R.; Capri, E.; Klein, M.; Hosang, Jürg; Aden, K., et al
May-2000Comparing and Evaluating Pesticide Leaching Models : Results of Simulations with PELMOKlein, M.; Hosang, Jürg; Schäfer, H.; Erzgräber, B.; Resseler, H.
2002Demand forecasting for inventory control and production planningHosang, Jürg; Heitz, Christoph; Mönkeberg, Sigrid
2006Dynamic pricing and revenue management of servicesHosang, Jürg
1991Evaluation of a water equivalent of snow cover map in a small catchment area using a geostatistical approachHosang, Jürg; Dettwiler, Katrin
Dec-1993Field-scale solute transport : spatially interpolating the parameters of a transfer function modelHosang, Jürg
Sep-2001Das Institut für Datenanalyse und ProzessdesignHosang, Jürg
2002Kosten senken durch LageroptimierungHosang, Jürg
2002Lagerhaltung eines Handelsprodukts : Modellierung und Optimierung mittels statistischer Datenanalyse und Discrete Event SimulationHosang, Jürg
1996Leaching of metolachlor through soil : assessing the effects of variable soil degradation and adsorption properties by means of monte carlo simulationsHosang, Jürg
Oct-1993Modelling preferential flow of water in soils : a two-phase approach for field conditionsHosang, Jürg
2004Vehicular traffic data analysis and its benefits to prevent traffic congestionSteiner, Albert; Hosang, Jürg; Meierhofer, Jürg