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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Nov-2010A tiered procedure for assessing the formation of biotransformation products of pharmaceuticals and biocides during activated sludge treatmentKern, Susanne; Baumgartner, Rebekka; Helbling, Damian E.; Hollender, Juliane; Singer, Heinz, et al
2020Analytical platforms at Swiss universities of applied sciencesBerchtold, Christian; Bourgeois, Jean-Pascal; Christen, Verena; Dabros, Michal; Demuth, Caspar, et al
1-Apr-2011Assessing exposure to transformation products of soil-applied organic contaminants in surface water : comparison of model predictions and field dataKern, Susanne; Singer, Heinz; Hollender, Juliane; Schwarzenbach, René P.; Fenner, Kathrin
3-Jun-2021Broad diversity of bacteria degrading 17ß-estradiol-3-sulfate isolated from river sediment and biofilm at a wastewater treatment plant dischargeMainetti, Tamara; Palmisano, Marilena; Rezzonico, Fabio; Stres, Blaž; Kern, Susanne, et al
16-Nov-2021Chemical synthesis and characterization of single-chain C18-chloroparaffin materials with defined degrees of chlorinationKnobloch, Marco C.; Sprengel, Jannik; Mathis, Flurin; Haag, Regula; Kern, Susanne, et al
Oct-2014Detection of potentially skin sensitizing hydroperoxides of linalool in fragranced productsKern, Susanne; Dkhil, Hafida; Hendarsa, Prisca; Ellis, Graham; Natsch, Andreas
18-Nov-2021Enzymatic synthesis and formation kinetics of mono- and di-hydroxylated chlorinated paraffins with the bacterial dehalogenase LinB from Sphingobium indicumKnobloch, Marco C.; Mathis, Flurin; Fleischmann, Thomas; Kohler, Hans-Peter E.; Kern, Susanne, et al
15-Sep-2009Identification of transformation products of organic contaminants in natural waters by computer-aided prediction and high-resolution mass spectrometryKern, Susanne; Fenner, Kathrin; Singer, Heinz P.; Schwarzenbach, René P.; Hollender, Juliane
22-Apr-2018Interlaboratory evaluation of methods to quantify skin-sensitizing hydroperoxides of limonene and linalool (II) : analysis in cosmetic basesNatsch, Andreas; Kern, Susanne; Corbi, Elise; Pérès, Christophe; Nägelin, Marco, et al
15-Jun-2015Oxidative tryptophan modification by terpene- and squalene-hydroperoxides and a possible link to cross-reactions in diagnostic testsNatsch, Andreas; Emter, Roger; Badertscher, Remo P.; Brunner, Gerhard; Granier, Thierry, et al
1-Dec-2017p-alkyl-benzoyl-CoA conjugates as relevant metabolites of aromatic aldehydes with rat testicular toxicity-studies leading to the design of a safer new fragrance chemicalLaue, Heike; Kern, Susanne; Badertscher, Remo P.; Ellis, Graham; Natsch, Andreas
19-Aug-2014Predicting the bioconcentration of fragrance ingredients by rainbow trout using measured rates of in vitro intrinsic clearanceLaue, Heike; Gfeller, Hans; Jenner, Karen J.; Nichols, John W.; Kern, Susanne, et al
22-Jul-2014Stability of limonene and monitoring of a hydroperoxide in fragranced productsKern, Susanne; Granier, Thierry; Dkhil, Hafida; Haupt, Tina; Ellis, Graham, et al