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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
3-Feb-2020A review of nature-based solutions for resource recovery in citiesKisser, Johannes; Wirth, Maria; De Gusseme, Bart; Van Eekert, Miriam; Zeeman, Grietje, et al
2011Benefits of ecological engineering practicesBrüll, A.; van Bohemen, H.; Costanza, R.; Mitsch, W. J.; van den Boomen, R., et al
2015Biochar from human waste : steps towards a new sanitation approachSchönborn, Andreas; Bulant, Nicola
Nov-2017Biochar-based life support loop (SpaceLooP)Schönborn, Andreas; Bleuler, Mira
2018Closing the loop on poopSchönborn, Andreas; Bleuler, Mira; Sommer, Sarah
2011Closing water, nutrient and energy cycles within cities by urban farms for fish and vegetable productionGraber, Andreas; Schönborn, Andreas; Junge, Ranka
Nov-2020Comparison of yeast estrogen screening on HPTLC and in microtiter platesBergmann, Alan; Simon, Eszter; Schifferli, Andrea; Schönborn, Andreas; Vermeirssen, Etienne
2013Coupling sample preparation with effect-directed analysis of estrogenic activity : proposal for a new rapid screening concept for water samplesSchönborn, Andreas; Grimmer, Andrea Adelheid
2019Decentralised water reuse in Central Europe : steps towards understanding processes in an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant, including the removal of micropollutantsSchönborn, Andreas; Zimmermann, Nanchoz; Bulant, Nicola
12-Jun-2021Education in ecological engineering : a need whose time has comeDale, Glenn; Dotro, Gabriela; Srivastava, Puneet; Austin, David; Hutchinson, Stacy, et al
2015Estrogenic activity in drainage water : a field study on a Swiss cattle pastureSchönborn, Andreas; Kunz, Petra; Koster, Margie
27-May-2020Estrogenic activity of food contact materials : evaluation of 20 chemicals using a yeast estrogen screen on HPTLC or 96-well platesBergmann, Alan J.; Simon, Eszter; Schifferli, Andrea; Schönborn, Andreas; Vermeirssen, Etiënne L. M.
2015Feurige Schüssel : vom Amazonas zum Null-Abfall-KloSchönborn, Andreas
2018How effect-based activity profiling can contribute to safer irrigation water : the example of the planar-YESSchönborn, Andreas; Mainetti, Tamara
2021Das KREIS-Haus : die grosse Kreislaufvision im MiniformatBühler, Devi; Schönborn, Andreas
Nov-2021Nature-based units as building blocks for resource recovery systems in citiesvan Hullebusch, Eric D.; Bani, Aida; Carvalho, Miguel; Cetecioglu, Zeynep; De Gusseme, Bart, et al
2012Naturnahes Wasserrecycling im Zoo Zürich : leistungsfähigkeit eines bepflanzten SandfiltersHebler, Thomas; Schönborn, Andreas; Bally, Andreas
2018Operating parameters for three resource recovery options from slow-pyrolysis of faecal sludgeGold, Moritz; Cunningham, Michael; Bleuler, Mira; Arnheiter, Ruth; Schönborn, Andreas, et al
2016OXISCREEN – Wirkungsbezogene Analytik : zur Detektion von Reaktionsprodukten bei der Trinkwasseraufbereitung mit O3, O3/H2O2 und CL2/CLO2Köster, Oliver; Schubert-Ulrich, Patricia; Schönborn, Andreas; Schulz, Wolfgang
2012Östrogene aus der NutztierhaltungSchönborn, Andreas