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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jul-2018A hospital-wide evaluation of delirium prevalence and outcomes in acute care patients : a cohort studySchubert, Maria; Schürch, Roger; Boettger, Soenke; Garcia Nuñez, David; Schwarz, Urs, et al
2018Akademisierung der Pflege : Evidenz und WirksamkeitsforschungSchubert, Maria; Herrmann, Luzia; Spichiger, Elisabeth
20-Jul-2022Are nurse's needs assessment methods robust enough to recognise palliative care needs in people with dementia? : a scoping reviewde Wolf-Linder, Susanne; Reisinger, Margarete; Gohles, Elisabeth; Wolverson, Emma L; Schubert, Maria, et al
30-Jul-2020Assessing delirium with nursing care instruments : evaluation of the cognitive and associated domainsBode, Leonie; Fuchs, Simon; Gehrke, Samuel; Ernst, Jutta; Schubert, Maria, et al
20-Jan-2022Association of multiprofessional preoperative assessment and information for patients with head and neck cancer with postoperative outcomesSchmid, Manuela; Giger, Roland; Nisa, Lluís; Mueller, Simon Andreas; Schubert, Maria, et al
11-Sep-2019Clinical management of delirium - the response depends on the subtypes : an observational cohort study in 602 patientsZipser, Carl Moritz; Knoepfel, Silvana; Hayoz, Peter; Schubert, Maria; Ernst, Jutta, et al
6-Oct-2021Cultural adaptation of the Integrated Palliative Care Outcome Scale for Dementia (IPOS-Dem) for the Swiss context : a focus-interview study with relatives, district nurses and acute care nursesde Wolf-Linder, Susanne; Schubert, Maria; Ellis-Smith, C.; Reisinger, Margarete; Gohles, E., et al
2020Death in delirious palliative-care patients occurs irrespective of age : a prospective, observational cohort study of 229 delirious palliative-care patientsSeiler, Annina; Blum, David; Hertler, Caroline; Schettle, Markus; Zipser, Carl Moritz, et al
19-Sep-2019Delirium in the intensive care setting dependent on the Richmond Agitation and Sedation Scale (RASS) : inattention and visuo-spatial impairment as potential screening domainsBoettger, Soenke; Meyer, Rafael; Richter, André; Rudiger, Alain; Schubert, Maria, et al
2021Delirium is associated with an increased morbidity and in-hospital mortality in cancer patients : results from a prospective cohort studySeiler, Annina; Blum, David; Deuel, Jeremy Werner; Hertler, Caroline; Schettle, Markus, et al
2020Delirium management : nursing interventions and factors influencing their implementation from the nurses' perspectivesTönz, Barbara; Schubert, Maria
2018Discursive practice - lean thinking, nurses’ responsibilities and the cost to careHarvey, Clare Lynette; Baret, Christophe; Rochefort, Christian M.; Meyer, Alannah; Ausserhofer, Dietmar, et al
2021Economic impact of poststroke delirium and associated risk factors : findings from a prospective cohort studyZipser, Carl Moritz; Deuel, Jeremy Werner; Held, Jeremia Philipp Oskar; Ernst, Jutta; Schubert, Maria, et al
6-May-2022Einsatz sozialer Roboter im Bereich Gesundheit?!Zigan, Nicole; Schubert, Maria
2018Gezielte Entwicklung von Advanced Practice Nurse-Rollen für spezifische Patient(inn)engruppen in einem Schweizer UniversitätsspitalSpichiger, Elisabeth; Zumstein-Shaha, Maya; Schubert, Maria; Herrmann, Luzia
21-Jan-2020Implementation of a multiprofessional, multicomponent delirium management guideline in two intensive care units, and its effect on patient outcomes and nurse workload : a pre-post design retrospective cohort studySchubert, Maria; Bettex, Dominique; Steiger, Peter; Schrch, Roger; Haller, Alois, et al
22-Oct-2020Interventions to prevent or reduce rationing or missed nursing care : a scoping reviewSchubert, Maria; Ausserhofer, Dietmar; Bragadóttir, Helga; Rochefort, Christian. M.; Bruyneel, Luk, et al
2018Interventions to prevent or to reduce the rates of rationed or missed nursing careSchubert, Maria
2021Interventions to reduce and limit rationed and missed nursing care : state of the art and future perspectivesAusserhofer, Dietmar; Bragadóttir, Helga; Dhaini, Suzanne; Harvey, Clare; Lehocki, Fedor, et al
2020“It's about how we do it, not if we do it”. Nurses’ experiences with implicit rationing of nursing care in acute care hospitals : a descriptive qualitative studyMantovan, Franco; Muzzana, Chiara; Schubert, Maria; Ausserhofer, Dietmar