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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015Analyse der Empfangshäufigkeit von Bluetooth Low Energy Paketen für IPhone Applikationen im Background-ModeTruninger, Dominique
2015Bidirectional Communication for Bluetooth Low Energy without establishing a connectionTruninger, Dominique; Fabbroni, Tiziano
2015BLE Advertising mit Feedback : Fokus liegt auf Ultra-Low-Power-Anwendungen mit reduzierten DatenratenGruber, Juan-Mario; Truninger, Dominique; Fabbroni, Tiziano
2013Bluetooth low energy everywhere : using the audio interface to bring Ble features to any smart phoneMeli, Marcel; Truninger, Dominique; Rüst, Andreas; Häring, Benjamin
2015Bluetooth low energy feedbackGruber, Juan-Mario; Fabbroni, Tiziano; Truninger, Dominique
Nov-2018Comparing the energy requirements of bluetooth smart devices (November 2018)Brütsch, Manuel; Brülisauer, Cornel; Widmer, Lukas; Kräuchi, Raphael; Truninger, Dominique, et al
2015Design and experimental analysis of a piezoelectric energy harvesting system using synchronized switch harvesting on inductor (SSHI)Gruber, Juan-Mario; Truninger, Dominique
19-Sep-2022Digital pens for measuring fine motor skills in school-aged children with and without ADHDTruninger, Dominique; Zysset, Annina; Wehrli, Samuel; Albermann, Kurt; von Rhein, Michael, et al
2016Increased efficiency in a vibration based energy harvesting system by using a SSHI circuitGruber, Juan-Mario; Truninger, Dominique
2015Piezoelektrischer Energy Harvester : Induktivität steigert ErtragGruber, Juan-Mario; Truninger, Dominique
2015Verbindungslose bidirektionale Kommunikation auf Basis von BLE Advertising für Beacons mit Lifetime BatteryGruber, Juan-Mario; Fabbroni, Tiziano; Truninger, Dominique