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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
20-Apr-2023Applying an ecosystem lens to low-carbon energy transitions : a conceptual frameworkSpeich, Matthias; Ulli-Beer, Silvia
Mar-2019Challenges of participatory modelling and paradigm change : comment on the paper by BakkenUlli-Beer, Silvia
29-Jun-2021Combining business model innovation and model-based analysis to tackle the deep uncertainty of societal transitions : a case study on industrial electrification and power grid managementZapata Riveros, Juliana Victoria; Speich, Matthias; West, Mirjam; Ulli-Beer, Silvia
2016Decentralisation dynamics in energy systems : a generic simulation of network effectsKubli, Merla; Ulli-Beer, Silvia
2018Decentralization dynamics of energy systems : from prosumer preferences to system-level perspectivesWüstenhagen, Rolf; Gassmann, Oliver; Ulli-Beer, Silvia; Kubli, Merla
2015Interdisciplinary modelling of energy transition in rural and urban systemsFreunek Müller, Monika; Kubli, Merla; Ulli-Beer, Silvia
2024Network dynamics of positive energy districts : a coevolutionary business ecosystem analysisZapata Riveros, Juliana; Scacco, Paulet Michelle; Ulli-Beer, Silvia
2016Netznutzungstarife im Zielkonflikt : Anreize für den Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien versus VerursachergerechtigkeitUlli-Beer, Silvia; Hettich, Peter; Kratz, Brigitta; Walther, Simone; Kubli, Merla, et al
2017Participative modelling of socio-technical transitions : why and how should we look beyond the case-specific energy transition challenge?Ulli-Beer, Silvia; Kubli, Merla; Zapata Riveros, Juliana Victoria; Wurzinger, Michael; Musiolik, Jörg, et al
2019Prosumer communities as strategic allies for electric utilities : exploring future decentralization trends in SwitzerlandZapata Riveros, Juliana Victoria; Kubli, Merla; Ulli-Beer, Silvia
Feb-2024Die Schweizer Tiefe Geothermie mitten im WandelSierro, Fabienne; Speich, Matthias; Ulli-Beer, Silvia
2015Transition patterns of distributed energy generation concepts considering network effectsKubli, Merla; Ulli-Beer, Silvia