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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jan-2020Stationäre und tagesklinische Angebote der psychiatrischen Gesundheitsversorgung an der Schnittstelle des Jugend und Erwachsenenalters in der Schweiz : eine Bestandesaufnahme bestehender Angebote im Auftrag des BAGvon Wyl, Agnes; Chew Howard, Erica; Wade-Bohleber, Laura Maria; Passalacqua, Silvia; Haemmerle, Patrick, et al
30-Sep-2020“Take care of yourself” : a psychoeducational tool for adolescents for the mental health promotion (MHP) in the pediatric primary care (PPC)Wieber, Frank; Passalacqua, Silvia; Crameri, Aureliano; Zysset, Annina; von Wyl, Agnes
30-Sep-2020Ten recommendations to foster mental health in children : systematic development of information materials for parents and pediatriciansZysset, Annina; Winogradow, Dana; Passalacqua, Silvia; Crameri, Aureliano; von Wyl, Agnes, et al
2016The post-discharge network coordination programme : a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of an intervention aimed at reducing rehospitalizations and improving mental healthHengartner, Michael Pascal; Passalacqua, Silvia; Heim, Gisela; Andreae, Andreas; Rössler, Wulf, et al
2017The role of perceived social support after psychiatric hospitalisation : post hoc analysis of a randomised controlled trial testing the effectiveness of a transitional interventionHengartner, Michael Pascal; Passalacqua, Silvia; Andreae, Andreas; Rössler, Wulf; von Wyl, Agnes
Jun-2016The therapeutic alliance in psychiatric case management : outcome and process research in a naturalistic study in Switzerlandvon Wyl, Agnes; Crameri, Aureliano; Passalacqua, Silvia
7-Jun-2013Verschuldungssituation in Europa und Auswirkung aus Sicht eines Ökonomen und einer Psychologin : InputreferatPassalacqua, Silvia; Slembeck, Tilman
2011Volontariato in un reparto di oncologiaPassalacqua, Silvia
Sep-2020Wie bewerten Eltern Tipps zur Förderung der psychischen Gesundheit von Kindern?Zysset, Annina; Winogradow, Dana; Passalacqua, Silvia; Crameri, Aureliano; von Wyl, Agnes, et al