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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020A comparative assessment and synthesis of twenty ethics codes on AI and big dataLoi, Michele; Heitz, Christoph; Christen, Markus
2013A new measure for party coherence : applying a physics-based concept to the Swiss party systemChristen, Markus; Ott, Thomas; Schwarz, Daniel
2013A semi-supervised learning system for micro-text classificationOtt, Thomas; Christen, Markus; Niederberger, Thomas; Aebersold, Reto; Suleiman, Aryobsei, et al
2009A spin-based measure of the coherence of belief-systems : theory and applicationChristen, Markus; Starostina, Tatiana; Schwarz, Daniel; Ott, Thomas
2020Code of ethics for data-based value creationChristen, Markus; Heitz, Christoph; Kleiber, Tom; Loi, Michele
2024Could the use of AI in higher education hinder students with disabilities? : a scoping reviewPierrès, Oriane; Christen, Markus; Schmitt-Koopmann, Felix M.; Darvishy, Alireza
2018Drohnen als Partner im LuftraumChristen, Markus; Guillaume, Michel; Jablonowski, Maximilian; Lenhart, Peter Marcus; Moll, Kurt
2014Generating low-dimensional denoised representations of nonlinear data with superparamagnetic agentsEggel, Thomas; Christen, Markus; Ott, Thomas
2015Micro-text classification between small and big dataChristen, Markus; Niederberger, Thomas; Ott, Thomas; Aryobsei, Suleiman; Hofstetter, Reto
2013Quantified coherence of moral beliefs as predictive factor for moral agencyChristen, Markus; Ott, Thomas
25-Jul-2011Spaltpilz in den Parteien : mit Physik die Politik erklärenChristen, Markus; Ott, Thomas; Schwarz, Daniel
2019Towards an ethical code for data-based businessLoi, Michele; Heitz, Christoph; Ferrario, Andrea; Schmid, Anita; Christen, Markus
2016Using thesauruses as a heuristics for mapping valuesTanner, Carmen; Narvaez, Darcia; Christen, Markus; Ott, Thomas
2018Zivile Drohnen : Herausforderungen und PerspektivenChristen, Markus; Guillaume, Michel; Jablonowski, Maximilian; Lenhart, Peter Marcus; Moll, Kurt