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dc.description.abstractAneurysm wall changes its morphology and mechanical properties under a sequential wall remodeling dysfunction including de-differentiation and loss of endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells. To date, many studies have been performed CFD analysis on aneurysmal flow and revealed that flow-induced stress are partly correlated with histopathological events on vessel wall such as initiation, growth, and rupture. Nowadays, vessel wall enhancement is efficiently visualized using "black-blood"-T1-W high-resolution MRI sequences, and it has been demonstrated to be strongly associated with rupture in cases diagnosed with multiple aneurysms. Enhancement on aneurysm wall is observed as a result of deposition or penetration of contrast medium. This consequentially suggests that the enhanced area changes wall permeability and can be thought as an expression of wall degradation. Therefore, we systematically collected over the past three years, information about lesion stability based on MRI for better understanding of wall degeneration, aneurysm morphology, and flow-induced stress. This presentation exhibits selected aneurysm cases with wall enhancement. CFD results show a frequent collocation of wall enhancement with low WSS condition. However, results also investigate a case without visible wall enhancement, even though aneurysm wall experiences lower WSS than enhanced wall regions in same patient. The cases we present suggest that local flow condition can explain wall enhancement where active remodeling occurs, however, there are still limitations on prediction of enhancement by flow field alone.de_CH
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dc.titleCorrelation of CFD with wall enhancementde_CH
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