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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2013A health services research approach to compare patient benefits and healthcare costs for end-stage renal disease in SwitzerlandEichler, Klaus; Früh, Michael; Hess, Sascha; Brügger, Urs; Reich, Oliver
2009Aktualisierung der ökonomischen Literatur zum Kernthema "Gesundes Körpergewicht" : Update 2009Hess, Sascha; Pletscher, Mark; Eichler, Klaus; Brügger, Urs
2007Assessing the return on investments (cost-benefits) in prevention in Switzerland : a feasibility studyChevrou-Séverac, Hélène; Wieser, Simon; Holly, Alberto; Brügger, Urs; Schleiniger, Reto, et al
2009Assessment of the availability and quality of Swiss data required to conduct a full CBA in the field of obesity prevention : part II of the project "Exploratory study on obesity: economic evaluation on health promotion and prevention"Kauer, Lukas; Pletscher, Mark; Wieser, Simon; Brügger, Urs
2002Beschreibung der Methode LEP Nursing 2 : Leistungserfassung für die Gesundheits- und KrankenpflegeBrügger, Urs; Bamert, Ueli; Maeder, Christoph; Odermatt, Reto
2013Burden of micronutrient deficiencies by socio-economic strata in children aged 6 months to 5 years in the PhilippinesWieser, Simon; Plessow, Rafael; Eichler, Klaus; Malek, Olivia; Capanzana, Mario V., et al
Oct-2011Cost of low back pain in Switzerland in 2005Wieser, Simon; Horisberger, Bruno; Schmidhauser, Sara; Eisenring, Claudia; Brügger, Urs, et al
2009Cost-benefit analysis of road accident prevention measures in Switzerland from 1975 to 2007 : Report commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Public HealthWieser, Simon; Kauer, Lukas; Brügger, Urs
2012Cost-benefit analysis of road accident prevention programmes in Switzerland from 1975 to 2007Wieser, Simon; Kauer, Lukas; Brügger, Urs
2015Cost-effectiveness of price reductions in fortified powdered milk for the reduction of micronutrient deficiencies in 6-23 month old children in the PhilippinesPlessow, Rafael; Arora, Narendra; Brunner, Beatrice; Eichler, Klaus; Brügger, Urs, et al
2014Cost-effectiveness of price reductions in fortified powdered milk for the reduction of micronutrient deficiencies in 6-23 month old children in the PhilippinesWieser, Simon; Brunner, Beatrice; Plessow, Rafael; Eichler, Klaus; Malek, Olivia, et al
2015Current state of medical registries in Switzerland 2015 : more questions than answersTwerenbold, Claudia; Eichler, Klaus; Brügger, Urs; Hostettler, S.
2013Development of a patient classification system for inpatient rehabilitation in SwitzerlandKool, Jan; Dettling, Marcel; Wieser, Simon; Brügger, Urs
7-Aug-2014Development of coverage with evidence development for medical technologies in Switzerland from 1996 to 2012Brügger, Urs; Ruckstuhl, Andreas; Horisberger, Bruno; Gratwohl, Alois
Nov-2017Digital Health : die Zukunft des Schweizer GesundheitswesensAngerer, Alfred; Schmidt, Robin; Moll, Clemens; Strunk, Lynn Eva; Brügger, Urs
2016Drug pricing evolution in Hepatitis CVernaz, Nathalie; Girardin, François; Goossens, Nicolas; Brügger, Urs; Riguzzi, Marco, et al
2015Dynamic intraligamentary stabilisation for the treatment of the anterior cruciate ligament rupture : a health technology assessment for SwitzerlandHess, Sascha; Brunner, Beatrice; Mattli, Renato; Brügger, Urs; Eichler, Klaus
2017Economic evaluation of pharmacologic pre- and postconditioning with sevoflurane compared with total intravenous anesthesia in liver surgery : a cost analysisEichler, Klaus; Urner, Martin; Twerenbold, Claudia; Kern, Sabine; Brügger, Urs, et al
2012Effects of micronutrient fortified milk and cereal food for infants and children : a systematic reviewEichler, Klaus; Wieser, Simon; Rüthemann, Isabelle; Brügger, Urs
2010Emergency care and costs of out-of-hours service in primary care in Switzerland : a cross sectional studyImhof, Daniel; Huber, Carola A.; Zoller, Marco; Senn, Oliver; Rosenmann, Thomas, et al