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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2021A simple instrument to measure the thermal transport properties of the human skinZubiaga, Asier; Kirsch, Christoph; Boiger, Gernot Kurt; Bonmarin, Mathias
2013Balance between light trapping and charge carrier collection : electro-photonic optimization of organic photovoltaics with ridge-patterned back electrodesLiu, Yingchi; Tippets, Cary A.; Kirsch, Christoph; Mitran, Sorin; Samulski, Edward T., et al
2016Combining simulators and experiments to study the impact of polar OLED materialsAltazin, Stéphane; Züfle, Simon; Knapp, Evelyne; Kirsch, Christoph; Schmidt, Tobias D., et al
21-Apr-2020Coupled 3D master equation and 1D drift‐diffusion approach for advanced OLED modelingZeder, Simon; Kirsch, Christoph; Aeberhard, Urs; Blülle, Balthasar; Jenatsch, Sandra, et al
2014Design tool for light scattering enhancement in OLEDsAltazin, Stéphane; Lapagna, Kevin; Lanz, Thomas; Kirsch, Christoph; Knaack, Reto, et al
2-Jul-2019Determination of the moisture transport coefficient from pore network simulations of spontaneous imbibition in capillary porous mediaJabbari, Yasaman; Tsotsas, Evangelos; Kirsch, Christoph; Kharaghani, Abdolreza
2022Development of a diffusion-weighed mathematical model for intradermal drainage quantificationKirsch, Christoph; Fehr, Daniel; Babity, Samuel; Polomska, Anna; Detmar, Michael, et al
2004Dirichlet-to-Neumann boundary conditions for multiple scattering problemsGrote, Marcus J.; Kirsch, Christoph
2016Discrete pore network modeling of superheated steam dryingLe, Kieu Hiep; Kharaghani, Abdolreza; Kirsch, Christoph; Tsotsas, Evangelos
2013Effects of nano-patterned versus simple flat active layers in upright organic photovoltaic devicesLiu, Yingchi; Kirsch, Christoph; Gadisa, Abay; Aryal, Mukti; Mitran, Sorin, et al
9-Dec-2022Electro-thermal model for lock-in infrared imaging of defects in perovskite solar cellsComi, Ennio; Knapp, Evelyne; Battaglia, Mattia; Kirsch, Christoph; Weidmann, Stefano, et al
2017Electrothermal simulation of large-area semiconductor devicesKirsch, Christoph; Altazin, Stéphane; Hiestand, Roman; Beierlein, Tilman; Ferrini, Rolando, et al
Oct-2020Finite element modeling for analysis of electroluminescence and infrared images of thin-film solar cellsDiethelm, Matthias; Penninck, Lieven; Regnat, Markus; Offermans, Ton; Zimmermann, Birger, et al
14-May-2015Influence of chemically p-type doped active organic semiconductor on the film thickness versus performance trend in cyanine/C60 bilayer solar cellsJenatsch, Sandra; Geiger, Thomas; Heier, Jakob; Kirsch, Christoph; Nüesch, Frank, et al
2020Investigating a lock-in thermal imaging setup for the detection and characterization of magnetic nanoparticlesSteinmetz, Lukas; Kirsch, Christoph; Geers, Christoph; Petri-Fink, Alke; Bonmarin, Mathias
2015Liquid distribution and structural changes during convective drying of gelsKharaghani, Abdolreza; Kirsch, Christoph; Metzger, Thomas; Tsotsas, Evangelos
2013Micro-scale fluid model for drying of highly porous particle aggregatesKharaghani, Abdolreza; Kirsch, Christoph; Metzger, Thomas; Tsotsas, Evangelos
2019Modeling electrical and optical cross‐talk between adjacent pixels in organic light‐emitting diode displaysBraga, Daniele; Jenatsch, Sandra; Penninck, Lieven; Hiestand, Roman; Diethelm, Matthias, et al
2018Modelling crosstalk through common semiconductor layers in AMOLED displaysPenninck, Lieven; Diethelm, Matthias; Altazin, Stéphane; Hiestand, Roman; Kirsch, Christoph, et al
2007Nonreflecting boundary condition for time-dependent multiple scatteringGrote, Marcus J.; Kirsch, Christoph