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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2017A statistical analysis of carry tradingFritzmann, Siro; Jaggi, David; Osterrieder, Jörg
2017A statistical risk assessment of bitcoin and its extreme tail behaviourOsterrieder, Jörg; Lorenz, Julian
2021Audience-dependent explanations for AI-based risk management tools : a surveyHadji Misheva, Branka; Jaggi, David; Posth, Jan-Alexander; Gramespacher, Thomas; Osterrieder, Joerg
2017Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies - not for the faint-heartedOsterrieder, Jörg; Strika, Martin; Lorenz, Julian
2021Deep reinforcement learning on a multi-asset environment for tradingHirsa, Ali; Osterrieder, Jörg; Hadji Misheva, Branka; Posth, Jan-Alexander
15-Nov-2019Editorial : AI and financial technologyGiudici, Paolo; Hochreiter, Ronald; Osterrieder, Jörg; Papenbrock, Jochen; Schwendner, Peter
2017GARCH modelling of cryptocurrenciesChu, Jeffrey; Chan, Stephen; Nadarajah, Saralees; Osterrieder, Jörg
Jun-2017Momentum and trend following trading strategies for currencies revisited : combining academia and industryRohrbach, Janick; Suremann, Silvan; Osterrieder, Jörg
13-Aug-2020Neural networks and arbitrage in the VIXOsterrieder, Jörg; Kucharczyk, Daniel; Rudolf, Silas; Wittwer, Daniel
31-May-2021The applicability of self-play algorithms to trading and forecasting financial marketsPosth, Jan-Alexander; Kotlarz, Piotr Kamil; Hadji Misheva, Branka; Osterrieder, Jörg; Schwendner, Peter
Nov-2020The applicability of self-play algorithms to trading and forecasting financial markets : a feasibility studyPosth, Jan-Alexander; Hadji Misheva, Branka; Kotlarz, Piotr Kamil; Osterrieder, Jörg; Schwendner, Peter
2017The statistics of bitcoin and cryptocurrenciesOsterrieder, Jörg