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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019“I am member of the fish club for years, but on meetings I always go with my parents” : contextually bound experiences of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder to understand environmental influences for participationKrieger, Beate; Schulze, Christina; Piškur, Barbara; Beurskens, Anna; Moser, Albine
2016iCareCoops : Entwicklung einer Internetplattform für Seniorengenossenschaften in EuropaBiehl, Verena; Glässel, Andrea; Kofler, Andrea; Burger, Johannes; Becker, Heidrun Karin
2019Identification of clinically relevant characteristics of intracranial aneurysm morphologyJuchler, Norman; Schilling, Sabine; Bijlenga, Philippe; Rüfenacht, Daniel; Kurtcuoglu, Vartan, et al
17-Oct-2019Identifying JunFunori(R) consolidation material on paintingsJordi, Sara; Inauen, Jan; Blaser, Monika; Meier, Daniel Matthias
24-Nov-2021If I could build... : empowering the voices of children with disabilities in playground planningWenger, Ines; Morgenthaler, Thomas; Schulze, Christina
2019Impact of driving routine on a near-miss car accidentCordin, Christian; Hackenfort, Markus
9-Nov-2015Impact of hypoglycemic events occurring in diabetic patients treated with insulin in Switzerland : a health-economic analysisWieser, Simon; Tzogiou, Christina; Hess, Sascha; Plessow, Raffael; Schmidt, Marion, et al
2016Impact of maternal malnutrition on child health : what do we know about its social costs and the cost-effectiveness of food-fortification?Brunner, Beatrice; Eichler, Klaus; Hess, Sascha; Plessow, Rafael; Tzogiou, Christina, et al
Sep-2016Impact of shear stress on cell growth and microcarrier-cell-agglomerate formation in microcarrier-based cultivations of adipose tissue-derived stromal/stem cellsJossen, Valentin; Eibl-Schindler, Regine; Kraume, Matthias; Pörtner, Ralf; Eibl, Dieter
Sep-2019Implementation of family systems nursing and palliative care in high fidelity simulation : development of patient family crew resource management criteriaHäusermann, Sara Ursula; Rieder, Evelyn; Preusse-Bleuler, Barbara
Jun-2021Implementation of multi-task learning neural network architectures for robust industrial optical sensingVenturini, Francesca; Michelucci, Umberto; Baumgartner, Michael
2012Implementing a primary care center at an emergency departement and its impact on staff satisfactionHess, Sascha; Sidler, Patrick; Eichler, Klaus; Senn, Oliver
2014Implementing teaching innovations in eastern european universities : resources developed and experiences of two medium sized EU / Swiss national science foundation projectsRapp, Christian; Margarov, Gevorg; Gulbahar, Yasemin; Zhurbina, Natalia; Shykova, Olena
2015Implications of the phage depolymerase DpoL1 on Erwinia amylovoraBorn, Yannick; Klumpp, Jochen; Zurfluh, Katrin; Duffy, Brion; Loessner, Martin, et al
13-May-2019Improve implementation of a novel paediatric therapy programme : taking theories of human behaviour into accountAkhbari Ziegler, Schirin; Hadders-Algra, Mijna
2006Improving quality of obesity management in primary care : implementation of a behaviour modification programme for weight loss in primary care : a prospective interventional studyEichler, Klaus; Zoller, Marco; Steurer, Johann
Nov-2017In vitro characterization of a new composite material for biomedical applications and 3D (bio)printingBono, Epifania; Evers, Christoph; Schmid, Franca; Graf-Hausner, Ursula; Rimann, Markus
May-2016In vitro models of human skin models featuring a glycated dermisBono, Epifania; Cloes, Nastasia; Merk, Markus; Mathes, Stephanie
2017Increasing evidence for value of health care in orthopedics : update from a Swiss health services research study of rota-tor cuff repairEichler, Klaus; Grobet, Cécile; Meier, Flurina; Flury, Matthias; Wieser, Simon, et al
Aug-2015Increasing sensitivity of consumer testing : the impact of presentation design, consumption frequency and cognitive reflection type on test sensitivityGuksch, Thorsten; Cezanne, Marie-Louise; Julius, Nina; Kinner, Julia; Klauser, Eugenia, et al