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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
9-Apr-2020A new census of protein tandem repeats and their relationship with intrinsic disorderDelucchi, Matteo; Schaper, Elke; Sachenkova, Oxana; Elofsson, Arne; Anisimova, Maria
9-Jun-2020A new census of protein tandem repeats and their relationship with intrinsic disorder roomDelucchi, Matteo
6-Nov-2020Accelerating phylogeny-aware alignment with indel evolution using short time Fourier transformMaiolo, Massimo; Ulzega, Simone; Gil, Manuel; Anisimova, Maria
2018Accounting for programmed ribosomal frameshifting in the computation of codon usage bias indicesGarcia, Victor; Zoller, Stefan; Anisimova, Maria
8-Jun-2021Beyond microsatellite instability : intrinsic disorder as a potential link between protein short tandem repeats and cancerVerbiest, Max; Delucchi, Matteo; Bilgin Sonay, Tugce; Anisimova, Maria
2019Enabling semantic queries across federated bioinformatics databasesSima, Ana-Claudia; Mendes de Farias, Tarcisio; Zbinden, Erich; Anisimova, Maria; Gil, Manuel, et al
2019Evolutionary genomics : statistical and computational methodsAnisimova, Maria
2-Sep-2021Image-based assessment of extracellular mucin-to-tumor area predicts consensus molecular subtypes (CMS) in colorectal cancerNguyen, Huu-Giao; Lundström, Oxana; Blank, Annika; Dawson, Heather; Lugli, Alessandro, et al
2018Progressive multiple sequence alignment with indel evolutionMaiolo, Massimo; Zhang, Xiaolei; Gil, Manuel; Anisimova, Maria
2021Quantifying transmission fitness costs of multi-drug resistant tuberculosisPecerska, Julija; Kühnert, Denise; Meehan, Conor J.; Coscollá, Mireia; de Jong, Bouke C., et al
2019Selection acting on genomesKosiol, Carolin; Anisimova, Maria
4-Oct-2019Tandem repeats lead to sequence assembly errors and impose multi-level challenges for genome and protein databasesTørresen, Ole K; Star, Bastiaan; Mier, Pablo; Andrade-Navarro, Miguel A; Bateman, Alex, et al
2020The use of the rare TTA codon in Streptomyces genes : significance of the codon context?Silov, Serhii; Zaburannyi, Nestor; Anisimova, Maria; Ostash, Bohdan
25-Jun-2021TRAL 2.0 : tandem repeat detection with circular profile hidden Markov models and evolutionary alignerDelucchi, Matteo; Näf, Paulina; Bliven, Spencer; Anisimova, Maria
16-Jun-2020Understanding the spread of de novo and transmitted macrolide-resistance in Mycoplasma genitaliumCadosch, Dominique; Garcia, Victor; Jensen, Jørgen S.; Low, Nicola; Althaus, Christian L.
2020Visualizing codon usage within and across genomes : concepts and toolsOstash, Bohdan; Anisimova, Maria
2015Wavelets as basis functions to represent the coarse-graining potential in multiscale coarse graining approachMaiolo, Massimo; Vancheri, A.; Krause, R.; Danani, A.