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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020A formal representation of terms and processes for the transition from risk to resilience and sustainability managementMock, Ralf Günter; Zipper, Christian
2018A quantitative approach for applied resilience assessment auditsMock, Ralf Günter
2014A second chance for risk assessment in IT system analysis?Mock, Ralf Günter; Straumann, Hugo; Fischer, Andreas
2019An ontology of risk associated concepts in the context of resilienceMock, Ralf Günter; Leksin, Alexey; Hulin, Bernhard
2009Analyzing maintenance strategies by agent-based simulations : a feasibility studyKaegi, Manuel; Mock, Ralf Günter; Kröger, Wolfgang
2015Comparison of Dutch and Russian standards for calculating physical effects of hazardous substancesLeksin, Alexey; Barth, Uli; Adelulov, D.; Mock, Ralf Günter
2017Comparison of Dutch and Russian standards for calculating the risks of a vapour cloud explosionLeksin, Alexey; Barth, Uli; Adeulov, D.; Mock, Ralf Günter
2012Computer-assisted risk assessment audit on operational levelMock, Ralf Günter; Barth, Uli; Franz, Andrea; Brunner, Sandro; Leksin, Alexey
2017Embedding resilience assessment into risk managementMock, Ralf Günter; Zipper, Christian
2015Enhancement of IT risk assessments by UMLMock, Ralf Günter; Truninger, Benjamin; Brunner, Patrick; Hruz, Tomas
2010Framing vulnerability analysis of critical infrastructure regarding information securityZhou, Ling; Kröger, Wolfgang; Mock, Ralf Günter
2009Guttman scaling in the FMEA of IT security objectives in enterprisesMock, Ralf Günter; Kollmann, Eva; Straumann, Hugo; Ballhaus, Corin
2012Higher education in informatics : concepts and lessons learntMock, Ralf Günter; Stern, Olaf; Knaack, Reto; Kollmann, Eva
2009Implementation of risk and reliability analysis techniques in ICTMock, Ralf Günter; Kollmann, Eva; Bünzli, Ernst
2015IT risk audit tool to enhance IT risk assessmentsMock, Ralf Günter; Truninger, Benjamin; Brunner, Patrick; Pociuipa, Giedrius
2012ITRA:GUST : the Guttman scaling tool for supporting IT risk assessment auditsMock, Ralf Günter; Aeschlimann, Philipp
2009Mangelhafte Risk Awareness: Strategie - Struktur - Kultur (SSK) : für die Sicherheit in der ICT ist Technik nicht allesKollmann, Eva; Mock, Ralf; Sutter, Paul
2008Masterstudiengang «IT-Reliability» : am Anfang wartet ein Abgrund...Mock, Ralf Günter; Kollmann, Eva
2014Micropayment : IT-Security & IT-RiskMock, Ralf Günter; Hruz, Tomas
2013Online-Micropayment - wenn Bezahlen zum Problem wirdMock, Ralf Günter; Hruz, Tomas