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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Oct-2021Automatic quantification of white matter hyperintensities on T2-weighted fluid attenuated inversion recovery magnetic resonance imagingIgwe, Kay C.; Lao, Patrick J.; Vorburger, Robert S.; Banerjee, Arit; Rivera, Andres, et al
Dec-2017Biomarker für DemenzkrankheitenVorburger, Robert
3-Jun-2020Brain areas with normatively greater cerebral perfusion in early life may be more susceptible to beta amyloid deposition in late lifeMeier, Irene B.; Lao, Patrick J.; Gietl, Anton; Vorburger, Robert; Gutierrez, José, et al
2-Jun-2022Cocoa in numbers : from data to knowledgeChatelain, Karin; André, Amandine; Freimüller Leischtfeld, Susette; Schneider, Monika; Wick, Sylvia, et al
2019Cocoa in numbers : from data to knowledgeChetschik, Irene; Chatelain, Karin; Miescher Schwenninger, Susanne; Stucki, Matthias; Trachsel, Sonja, et al
13-Oct-2023Development of a multilingual web-based food frequency questionnaire for adults in SwitzerlandPannen, Sarah T.; Gassmann, Roland; Vorburger, Robert; Rohrmann, Sabine; Sych, Janice, et al
May-2023Gebietsüberwachung im Pflanzenschutz : das Surveillance ToolVorburger, Robert
2018Harbinger of brain damageVorburger, Robert
Dec-2021Neue Verrechnungsmodelle für die MaschinenindustrieVorburger, Robert; Hollenstein, Lukas
Feb-2022Softscope : automatic evaluation of microscopy imagesBusin, Adrian; Vorburger, Robert; Kinner, Mathias
2020Solar QuadratVorburger, Robert; Ballmer, Manuel; Bürkli, Tim
Mar-2023The role of data scientists in modern enterprises : experience from data science educationMildenberger, Thoralf; Braschler, Martin; Ruckstuhl, Andreas; Vorburger, Robert; Stockinger, Kurt
3-Dec-2019Virtuell Schäumen : Simulieren und VisualisierenVorburger, Robert; Hollenstein, Lukas
10-Dec-2019White matter regions with low microstructure in young adults spatially coincide with white matter hyperintensities in older adultsLao, Patrick J.; Vorburger, Robert S.; Narkhede, Atul; Gazes, Yunglin; Igwe, Kay C., et al