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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
6-Nov-2020Virtual reality and political decision-makingFabrikant, Sara; Reijnen, Ester; Weber, Wibke
23-Jun-2022Virtual reality as a tool for political decision-making? : an empirical study on the power of immersive images on voting behaviorWeber, Wibke; Dingerkus, Filip; Fabrikant, Sara; Zampa, Marta; West, Mirjam, et al
21-Apr-2022Virtual Reality versus Abstimmungsbüchlein : an empirical study on political decision-making in SwitzerlandDingerkus, Filip; Weber, Wibke; Fabrikant, Sara I.
2017Visual practices in European newsrooms : a multimodal perspective on data visualizationWeber, Wibke; Kennedy, Helen; Engebretsen, Martin
27-Mar-2009Visual storytellingWeber, Wibke
2013Visual storytelling : success factors for the production processWeber, Wibke
2014Visual Storytelling zwischen Fakten und Fiktion : Infografik & Comic-Journalismus. Einführung und Moderation des PanelsWeber, Wibke
2012Visualisierungen als ArgumentWeber, Wibke
25-Sep-2006Visualization of text design : a color code for writingWeber, Wibke
9-Jul-2006Visualization of text design. A color code for writingWeber, Wibke
2017Visualization practices in Scandinavian newsrooms : a qualitative studyEngebretsen, Martin; Kennedy, Helen; Weber, Wibke
2007Visualization Summit 2007 : ten research goals for 2010Burkhard, Remo Aslak; Andrienko, Gennady; Andrienko, Natalia; Dykes, Jason; Koutamanis, Alexander, et al
3-May-2017Visuelles StorytellingWeber, Wibke; Born, Marius
2003Von Odysseus bis Kanak Attack : Der Tonträgermarkt im ÜberblickWeber, Wibke
2002Was Online-Texte vom Radio lernen könnenWeber, Wibke
2013"We are journalists." Production practices, attitudes and a case study of the New York Times NewsroomWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2002Web-publishing – journalistic writing strategiesWeber, Wibke
27-May-2005Websites für Kinder - Gestaltung. Kommunikationschancen. ProblemeWeber, Wibke
2013What is an interactive information graphic? : theoretical considerations and empirical studies.Weber, Wibke
22-Apr-2022What makes an image worth a like on Instagram? : a computer vision and visual communication approach to the use of images in corporate and science communication of universitiesLechner, Verena; Weber, Wibke; Grabner, Helmut; Obrist, Dario