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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2003A new application of PTR-MS : aroma generation through the Maillard reactionBlank, Imre; Pollien, Philippe; Yeretzian, Chahan
2003Absolute quantification of headspace volatiles by PTR-MSPollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Ali, Santo; Yeretzian, Chahan
2011Advanced predictive tools based on holistic and targeted approaches for the analytical-sensory correlation of coffee aromaBlank, Imre; Baggenstoss, Jürg; Piosson, Luigi; Kerler, Josef; Rytz, Andreas, et al
2002Applications of PTR-MS in food flavour reseach : recent progess and prospectsYeretzian, Chahan; Jordan, Alfons; Graus, Martin; Pollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Werner
2010Coffee chemometrics as a new concept : untargeted metabolic profiling of coffeeLindinger, Christian; de Vos, Ric C. H.; Lambot, Charles; Pollien, Philippe; Rytz, Andreas, et al
2009Coffee roasting : exploring the impact of the time-temperature profile on the formation kinetics of volatile organic compounds by PTR-MSYeretzian, Chahan; Pollien, Philippe; Graus, Martin
2003Comparison of nosespace, headspace, and sensory intensity ratings for the evaluation of flavor absorption by fatRoberts, Deborah D.; Pollien, Philippe; Antille, Nicolas; Lindinger, Christian; Yeretzian, Chahan
2003Coupling GC-MS with PTR-MS for unambiguous chemical characterisation of on-line PTR-MS spectraLindinger, Christian; Pollien, Philippe; Ali, Santo; Märk, Tilmann; Yeretzian, Chahan
2003Formation of odour-active compounds in maillard model systems based on prolineBlank, Imre; Devaud, Stephanie; Matthey-Doret, Walther; Pollien, Philippe; Robert, Fabien, et al
2003In-vivo analysis of aroma release while eating food : a novel set-up for monitoring on-line nosespace airAli, Santo; Pollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Yeretzian, Chahan
Oct-2004Individualization of flavor preferences : toward a consumer-centric and individualized aroma scienceYeretzian, Chahan; Pollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Ali, Santo
1-Aug-2003Liquid-air partitioning of volatile compounds in coffee : dynamic measurements using proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometryPollien, Philippe; Jordan, Alfons; Lindinger, Werner; Yeretzian, Chahan
2009Measuring partition coefficients of VOCs using a dynamic, PTR-MS-coupled methodPollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Glöss, Alexia N.; Yeretzian, Chahan
5-Sep-2003Nosespace analysis with proton-transfer reaction mass spectrometry : intra- and interpersonal variabilityRoberts, Deborah D.; Pollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Yeretzian, Chahan
2003Progress and prospects of PTR-MS in food scienceYeretzian, Chahan; Pollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Ali, Santo
2003Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry, a tool for on-line monitoring of acrylamide formation in the headspace of maillard reaction systems and processed foodPollien, Philippe; Lindinger, Christian; Yeretzian, Chahan; Blank, Imre
26-May-2005Unambiguous identification of volatile organic compounds by proton-transfer-reaction mass-spectrometry (PTR-MS) coupled with GC-MSLindinger, Christian; Pollien, Philippe; Ali, Santo; Yeretzian, Chahan; Blank, Imre, et al