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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
7-Aug-2020Scaling version of Kundur’s two-areas system for electromechanical oscillations representationBaltensperger, Daniel; Dobrowolski, Jean; Obusevs, Artjoms; Segundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Korba, Petr
2014Semi-active wide-area fault-tolerant control in electric power systemsSegundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Korba, Petr
23-Sep-2021Sensitivity analysis of cable trench modelling with concrete duct bank and multiple material layers for the current rating of 150kv cablesBossio, Martina; Lengwiler, Robin; Heimbach, Britta; Kälin, Remo; Fauci, Raffael La, et al
2016Small unit compound modules : a new approach for light weight PV modulesNussbaumer, Hartmut; Klenk, Markus; Keller, Nico
6-Nov-2019Solarbatteriesystem und transienter „NESPRESSO-Test“ in der ZHAW BachelorausbildungAllenspach, Cyril Armand; Koch, Rafael; Kinigadner, Elia; Carigiet, Fabian; Baumgartner, Franz
2015Sonnenenergie für die StrasseBergmann, Thomas; Danesi, Serena
2012Spectral response measurement of tandem modulesBaumgartner, Franz; Schaer, D.; Achtnich, Silvan
2013Spectral sensitivity analyses of tandem modules using standard flasher and dynamic LED backlightSchär, Daniel; Baumgartner, Franz
2020Stability effects after massive integration of renewable energy sources on extra-large power systemsRüeger, Christoph; Dobrowolski, Jean; Korba, Petr; Segundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael
2018State-feedback control for damping inter-area oscillations on electrical power systemsSegundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Dobrowolski, Jean; Nussbaumer, Hartmut; Korba, Petr; Barocio, Emilio
Sep-2018State-of-the-art bifacial module technologyNussbaumer, Hartmut; Klenk, Markus; Halm, Andreas; Schneider, Andreas
2021State-of-the-art of data collection, analytics, and future needs of transmission utilities worldwide to account for the continuous growth of sensing dataSegundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Liu, Yanli; Barocio, Emilio; Korba, Petr; Ramirez, Miguel, et al
2015Static stability indexes for classification of power system time-domain simulationsSegundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Vanfretti, Luigi
31-Oct-2017Statistik zum Bestand von KlimakälteanlagenKrütli, Markus; Tillenkamp, Frank
21-Dec-2016Systeme für die Beurteilung der Energieeffizienz von KlimakälteanlagenKrütli, Markus; Hablützel, Chantal; Tillenkamp, Frank
2012Technik der latenten Wärmespeicherung : eine ÜbersichtSchneider, Martin Albert; Lindt, Mathias; Tillenkamp, Frank
2018Techno-economic analysis of battery storage and curtailment in a distribution grid with high PV penetrationSegundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Parra, David; Wyrsch, Nicolas; Patel, Martin K.; Kienzle, Florian, et al
2018Techno-economic evaluation of voltage dependent active and reactive power control to reduce voltage violations in distribution gridsKnecht, Raphael; Carigiet, Fabian; Schwab, Alain; Korba, Petr; Baumgartner, Franz
2022The effect of hydrogen enrichment, flame-flame interaction, confinement, and asymmetry on the acoustic response of a model can combustorÆsøy, Eirik; Indlekofer, Thomas; Gant, Francesco; Cuquel, Alexis; Bothien, Mirko, et al
2015The Swiss PV wall system to maximise self-consumption in a single building elementNussbaumer, Hartmut; Lantschner, Daniel; Baumgartner, Franz; Knecht, Raphael; Böhler, J., et al