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dc.contributor.authorSchneider, Johannes Josef-
dc.contributor.authorWeyland, Mathias-
dc.contributor.authorFlumini, Dandolo-
dc.contributor.authorMatuttis, Hans - Georg-
dc.contributor.authorMorgenstern, Ingo-
dc.contributor.authorFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel-
dc.description.abstractWe present some work in progress on the development of a probabilistic chemical compiler, being able to make a plan of how to create a three-dimensional agglomeration of artificial hierarchical cellular constructs. These programmable discrete units cover a wide variety of technical innovations, like a portable biochemical laboratory being able to produce macromolecular medicine on demand, and of scientific investigations, like contributions to questions regarding the origin of life. This paper focuses on one speci c issue of developing such a compiler, namely the problem of simulating the experimentally observed spatial transition from an originally one-dimensional lineup of droplets into a three-dimensional, almost spherical arrangement, in which the droplets form a network via bilayers connecting them and in which they are contained within some outer hull. The network created by the bilayers allows the droplets to communicate with each other and to exchange chemicals contained within them, thus enabling a complex successive biochemical reaction scheme.de_CH
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCommunications in Computer and Information Sciencede_CH
dc.rightsLicence according to publishing contractde_CH
dc.subjectDroplet aggregationde_CH
dc.subjectMonte Carlo simulationde_CH
dc.subject.ddc620: Ingenieurwesende_CH
dc.titleStudying and simulating the three-dimensional arrangement of dropletsde_CH
dc.typeKonferenz: Paperde_CH
zhaw.departementSchool of Engineeringde_CH
zhaw.organisationalunitInstitut für Angewandte Mathematik und Physik (IAMP)de_CH
zhaw.conference.detailsXIV International Workshop on Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation (WIVACE), Rende, Italy, 18-20 September 2019de_CH
zhaw.funding.euinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/EC/H2020/336495//Algorithms and Complexity of Highly Decentralized Computations/ACDCde_CH
zhaw.parentwork.editorCicirelli, F.-
zhaw.parentwork.editorGuerrieri, A.-
zhaw.parentwork.editorPizzuti, C.-
zhaw.parentwork.editorSocievole, A.-
zhaw.parentwork.editorSpezzano, G.-
zhaw.parentwork.editorVinci, A.-
zhaw.publication.reviewPeer review (Abstract)de_CH
zhaw.title.proceedingsArtificial Life and Evolutionary Computationde_CH
zhaw.webfeedBio-Inspired Modelling and Learning Systemsde_CH
zhaw.webfeedBiomedical Simulationde_CH
zhaw.webfeedDigital Health Labde_CH
zhaw.webfeedFunktionsmaterialien und Nanotechnologiede_CH
zhaw.webfeedSimulation and Optimizationde_CH
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