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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014A direct entropic approach to uniform and spatially continuous dynamical models of thermoelectric devicesFuchs, Hans Ulrich
1986A surrealistic tale of electricityFuchs, Hans Ulrich
2018Can explicit modeling of dynamical systems in physics change students’ beliefs concerning the nature of scientific knowledge?Dumont, Elisabeth; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich
2014Computational methods for exploring the dynamics of cancer : the potential of state variables for description of complex biological systemsScheidegger, Stephan; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Füchslin, Rudolf Marcel
2014Damped mechanical oscillator : experiment and detailed energy analysisCorridoni, Tommaso; D'Anna, Michele; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich
1987Entropy in the teaching of introductory thermodynamicsFuchs, Hans Ulrich
2021FCHgo : fuel cells hydrogen educational model for schools, an imaginative approach to hydrogen and fuel cell technology for young students and their teachersDumont, Elisabeth; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Corni, Federico; Contini, Annamaria; Altiero, Tiziana, et al
2014From forces of nature to the physics of dynamical systemsVenturini, Francesca; Dumont, Elisabeth; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Maurer, Werner
2014From image schemas to narrative structures in sciencesFuchs, Hans Ulrich
2015From stories to scientific models and back : narrative framing in modern macroscopic physicsFuchs, Hans Ulrich
2018How metaphor and narrative interact in stories of forces of natureFuchs, Hans Ulrich; Contini, Anamaria; Dumont, Elisabeth; Landini, Alessandra; Corni, Federico
2016Metaphor and narrative in science : an interdisciplinary approach part II – from metaphor to narrative in macroscopic physical scienceContini, Anamaria; Corni, Federico; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Dumont, Elisabeth
2002Modeling of uniform dynamical systems : a system dynamics approachFuchs, Hans U.
Jan-2022Modellieren, Visualisieren und die Simulation dynamischer Systeme als Seamless Learning : ein Beitrag zu diesem Prozess aus der Praxis am Beispiel eines MathematikmodulsPickhardt, Carola; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Dumont, Elisabeth; Hügel, Katrin; Witzig, Andreas
2014Morphological control : a design principle for applications in space scienceFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel; Dumont, Elisabeth; Flumini, Dandolo; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Hauser, Helmut, et al
2016Narrative framing of natural scenes : narrative minds in scienceFuchs, Hans Ulrich; Corni, Federico; Dumont, Elisabeth
2014On the nature of continuity or discontinuity between lay and scientific conceptualizations in physicsFuchs, Hans Ulrich; Corni, Federico
2010Physik : ein systemdynamischer Zugang für die Sekundarstufe IIBorer, Thomas; Frommenwiler, Peter; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Knoll, Hermann; Kopacsy, Gabor, et al
2021Primary physical science for student teachers at kindergarten and primary school levels : Part II – Implementation and evaluation of a courseCorni, Federico; Fuchs, Hans U.
1996The dynamics of heatFuchs, Hans Ulrich