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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020Analyse der Trendentwicklung in der Systemgastronomie während der COVID-19-KriseGuhl, Selina; Graf, Christian Olivier; Siebenmann, Camil A.
2019Assessing the impact of “more-flexible” learning as part of a study programDela Cruz, Jeremy; Graf, Christian Olivier; Wolter, Anika
2021Crisis management of European football clubsGraf, Christian Olivier; Guhl, Selina; Walser, Simon
2018Developing a project management culture in institutions of higher learningSeelhofer, Daniel; Graf, Christian Olivier; Guhl, Selina
2020Erfolgreiche Einführung von Building Information Modeling in der Schweizer BaubrancheGraf, Christian Olivier; Guhl, Selina; Ivanic, Allen
2018International project management : the application of project management in international event management with focus SwitzerlandGraf, Christian Olivier; Baumgartner, Felizia
2017Die Interpretation des Project Mangement Offices in Unternehmen mit Sitz in der SchweizGraf, Christian Olivier; Kaufman, Liron
2018National project management maturity : a conceptual frameworkSeelhofer, Daniel; Graf, Christian Olivier
2022Ökologisch nachhaltige Innovationsprojekte im verarbeitenden Gewerbe durch EntwicklungsdienstleisterHirzel, Martin; Graf, Christian Olivier; Käslin, Roman
2017Social Media communication of consortia in the Italian agro-food sector : case study of the Aceto Balsamico di ModenaDuma, Fabio; Graf, Christian Olivier; Rroco, Sisi
2019Swiss video game firms : an analysis of existing and required support measures for the video game industry in SwitzerlandGraf, Christian Olivier; Schneider, Corinne
2018The implications of an organisational project management culture within a business school on delivering projects : taking the ZHAW School of Management and Law as an exampleGraf, Christian Olivier
2021The strategic use of microlearning as a training approach for the purpose of workforce skills development in multinational corporationsGraf, Christian Olivier; Guhl, Selina; Loh Joey, Krystal
2021Vermarktung von nachhaltigen TechnologienHirzel, Martin; Graf, Christian Olivier; Weber, Matthias